Bike Hire in Chinag Mai?

Dave K

Dec 8, 2003
Sorry, if this gets asked a lot, but I am after two decent bikes fo rthis weekend to ride to MHS and back (bigger the better, but good rubber and suspension probably mor eimportant). Any siggestion son whio may have spme relatively new ones among their litter? (Dave 06 797 0027)


Staff member
Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Just take a look at
and you will see that the 2 best shops are
1. Joes Bike Team / Goodwill Mc Hire, and
2. Lek Mc Hire.

Regarding bike condition you will actually have to take a look at the bike yourself to check the tyres & then test ride the bike to see if you feel that the suspension is ok. Then make your own decision – is the bike good enough?

In high season = now, the turn over of bikes is high at the rental shops. As soon as they come in, out they go. If there is no complaint from the returning renter, the shop will check the bike over quickly & put it straight back out on the rack, ready for rent. Bike condition will & does vary from week to week. If you get one that just had new tyres put on it, and it has better suspension than the other bikes, then you get a good one. Whether you get a really good one or not, often comes down to luck - what is in at the time. If time is not on your side, then normally you just have to take what you can get.
Hope this is a help.
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