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  1. I am organising a trip from Phuket to Bankok and return for 6 adventurous NZers in Nov 2006.We want to hire a bike each (say 400ccs
    upwards )and probably a support vehicle and interpreter.
    Does anyone know who we should talk to to organise this .


    Roy the Kiwi
  2. Roy I live in Phuket, (although I am currently in Sydney OZ), I get back to Phuket Aug 8th, can get some prices for you, also I may be interested in driving a support vehicle if you rent a ute etc. We have some CBR400's they hire out, also Bros 400, and Translap 400, but not sure if allowed to take them off the island, also check out Sumon, he has bike shop and is editor of Bike Magazine, Ride Thailand,

    John Hamilton
  3. Roy
    Good to see you on the GT Rider board.
    Long time no see or hear.
    What ever happened with your big North Thailand tour - did it ever come off? Never heard from you again, despite all the phone calls & info.....

    Keep The Power On
  5. Hi John

    Thanks for your reply.I would like to keep in communication and hopefully you can assist us.

    Currently we are looking to be in Phuket in the first few days of Nov and to ride to Bankok and return.A trip of appx 12/13 days.

    We want a support vehicle and hopefully you can assist with this.

    From what you have said it seems that we should be able to get the bikes ok ,how is the best way to organise this ? - also do you think that 400cc will be sufficient for our needs ?



    bikes will be sufficient for our needs ?
  6. Roy-

    Maybe sticking my nose in where it isn't wanted, but I have to ask "Why?"........

    Phuket to BKK is hardly adventurous or, in my opinion, even fun. Some of the heaviest truck traffic and most uninteresting roads I have driven on. I was there last month for 3 weeks driving a 4 wheeler and was happy I wasn't on my bike. I did find some interesting areas around Kanchanaburi and westward to Songkhlaburi. Maybe some of the locals can give better info than me, but it seems like a waste of 2 weeks when you could be riding many more interesting routes in Thailand.

    Just food for thought, Good Luck.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  7. I agree with Dave, I much rather prefer to be riding around Chiang Mai, only trouble is I do a lot of sailing both socially and racing in regattas so I prefer living down south for that reason, also enjoy the beaches. If you come into Phuket another option is forget about riding to Bangkok, instead go riding all around Southern Thailand, Krabi, Hat Yai, Songkhla, Koh Samui etc. Whilst these rides dont match up with the North, there are still some scenic areas, also at Ranong, you can take a long tail to Burma, where gin and rum is less than 1 Aussie Dollar a bottle. My Thai girlfriend was reading your original email and suggested she could help as translater if needed.

    No worries whatever you decide, but I am available in november if you decide to make it to Phuket
  8. Adventurous, adj.

    1. Inclined to undertake new and daring enterprises.
    2. Hazardous; risky.

    I agree with Dave and the ride from Phuket to Bangkok is boring, boring and far too much traffic.
    What exactly do you want, run the searches in the pages of GT-Rider, the loops up north are easy, maybe too easy? If it's adventure you want, November is a fairly good time of year for Cambodia and Laos. If you really want adventure, I'd be happy create a rough outline of a trip for you to follow, your 5 other friends should know nothing about it until day one of the ride.
    Undertaking a new and daring enterprise. Damn that sounds good, makes me want to throw another dart at the map and go riding there.

    I'm happy to help, email me and I'll tell you what I can.

    Ride Smart, Ride Safe.
  9. Priced up a bike rental shop today in Patong, the main resort on Phuket.
    Shop name is
    email. [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    All prices in Thai Baht, (about 28 baht to $1 AUD)
    They didnt like the idea of bikes going off the island, and will only let you go to Southern Thailand, down to hat Yai, the border, and over to Koh Samui is okay, but no further north.
    Also no discount for a week etc, as bikes are being taken off the island.

    Honda Steed 600cc 600 baht
    Honda Shadow 400cc 700 baht
    Honda CB750 600 baht
    Honda CBR 400 600 baht
    Honda CB400 Super 4 600 baht
    Honda CB1300 1,200 baht
    Yamaha VMax 1200cc 1,200 baht
    Yamaha TDM850 800 baht
    Honda CB1000 1,000 baht


  10. Hi John

    Thanks for finding out about the bikes.Unfortunately we need a bike supplier who will let us take bikes north .Any ideas.

    Also are you interested in driving a support vehicle for us?- I guess we will also need an interpreter ?

    Our dates are set - arrive Phuket 26/10 from Bankokand fly out to Bankok on the 6 Nov.


  11. Need an interpreter, you guys are living on the edge! :eek:)

    "growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!"
  12. jeesh,

    - 6 adventure duded from NZ
    - need a support vehicle
    - need a translator
    - need to get a grip

    There is so much help here and you are still going to ride from Phuket.

    Try, fly the hell out of there, save yourself hundreds of boring KM's.

    - 6 adventure duded from NZ
    - no support vehicle
    - no translator
    - Ride rainy season in Cambodia or northern Lao
    - Have more fun than highway 4 in Thailand

    It's all here on GT rider, look around the postings and my offer to make an itinerary not to follow is still open.

    I'm interested to read your trip report after you ride.


    Ride Smart, Ride Safe.
  13. Hi Roy

    As I mentioned previously i am free in November, (actually I dont work at all in Thailand, so am free all the time.....), also my Thai girlfriend is happy to be an interpreter, she goes pillion with me in Thailand and Malaysia,and as we have only just got back from 6 months in OZ, she is speaking English with a bit of an Aussie twang. I will ask around some other bike shops to see if they will let their bikes go north. Just got back tonite from bangkok myself, have just sold one of my BMW GS's so was up there organising the changeover. Will email you when I have more details


  14. Hi John

    Have you made any progress ?

  15. Roy
    Gday again mate.
    Long time no see or hear.
    What ever happened with your big North Thailand tour - did it ever come off? Never heard from you again, despite all the phone calls & info.....are you planning something similar for the south.

    Keep The Power On
  16. Hi Roy

    Just got back from Koh Samui and Bangkok, whilst on Samui a friend told me he hired a bike from Phuket and rode to bangkok no problem. The shop didnt know about it, and if you have a back up vehicle, if something does go wrong, can always chuck it in ute to get fixed somewhere. have a friend here on Phuket that will probably hire his ute out, will see how much he wants.

    Will try and check out some more shops for you this week, only arrived home late last nite, and leave Thursday for Sepang for MotoGP, but should have some spare time to check out some other bike shops.

    On the drive back last nite, they were selling snakes and rats at a roadside food stall, will cook them there for you to eat, just in case you fancy trying the more exocitic foods over here.

    more later



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