Bike inspection in Thailand- what's it called and what does it cost?

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  1. Hey everyone!

    One of my bikes has reached the age where I need to get an inspection certificate (Tor Ror Or I think it's called?) before I can renew the road tax. (I thought bikes over 5 years old need the inspection, but my bike is older than that, yet this is the first time the Land Transport Dept has asked for the certificate, go figure, huh?) :think:

    I'm told I can get it done at any of the garages that have the big yellow gear on their sign:


    Also, on the off chance one of these places tries to get greedy, does anyone know the going rate for these certificates? Are they flat rate or vary by cc or what?

    Thanks for any info you can share with me :happy1:
  2. I can't recall exactly but I think around 100 baht. can't imagine the CC size matters for Bikes. I had a diesel pickup done a month ago , 200 baht.
  3. I got the FJR done a couple of months ago, 50B, pretty sure anyway. Had various bikes done and size doesn't affect the cost. They never seem to do very much takes about a minute. They just do a rubbing of the frame number with masking tape and a pencil. Might beep the horn and flash the lights. That's in darkest Isaan but can't see Bangkok being any different.
  4. Cheers guys! Ok, sounds like no drama. When I lived in Japan the vehicle inspections there were an expensive and time consuming nightmare! :happy1:
  5. Apparently a scooter costs just 60Baht for the inspection! No idea how much the beast will cost though ;)
  6. Just as Tubber said...same cost for all motorcycles/motos regardless of displacement.
    All bikes over 5-years get checked; cars at 7-years.
    I pay 60-Bt in Pattaya...for my bikes aged 20, 16 and 12 years respectively.
  7. Most inspection places also do the basic insurance (Por Lor Por ? ), saves a trip to the insurance company. I have noticed recently that most of the inspection places also have a camera, does anyone know for certain if they store a picture of the bike/vehicle anywhere??
  8. I made a graphic of a full service inspection station so you can spot the services they offer on the sign. If I made any mistakes (very probable) correct me please.

    (I used the transliteration system from Paiboon Publishing, the one in the "Thai for Beginners" series, if you need to look it up)


    Regarding the registration and all that, I'm assuming that this station just helps get your paperwork in order for when you go to the government office? Maybe someone in the know can help clarify what they do.

  9. Yep, went this morning in Chiang Rai, with the 2 Green books, (have 3 year scooter too), I noticed that my beauty has already 5 years, so I was denied the tax, anyway, I got insurance?
    The CR X-mas depature was sheduled for 9am, so I'll do the inspection thing another day.
  10. Looks like they are enforcing inspections now?

    My Wave 110 was nine years old when I sold it three years ago and I never had to do an inspection. Or are inspections only for "big bikes"?

    Making sure that the basics of a bike are in working condition is a good thing, but as far as I know TH it's just a jump through the hoop and 50/100 baht.

    I don't think anybody will get sent home to fix the lights, brakes or replace the worn tires.

    (Kind of like a "Health Certificate" - a copy of a passport + 100 baht and you're ready to work with children, without even taking your pulse.)
  11. recently had my Ducati S4 monster 2001 tested in Pattaya they actually did a brake test on rolling road and noise and emmissions test for CO2 with a proper test system which was nice as I was able to tune my Co2 trimmers to 3.2% for max performance and still stay within the 4.2% legal limit .they checked all lights as well .
  12. Good info in this thread!

    What's the 'noise' limit then, and how strictly will modified exhausts be treated - within noise limits or otherwise?

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