Bike insurance for UK reg bike whilst in Thailand ?

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  1. I intend to be in Thailand for at least 4 months later this year and I've been looking at ways to get over with my own bike and I have received a lot of very useful information on this site 😃 ( on previous visits I have hired).
    When I get there I will base myself in Chiang Mai and then visit some of the surrounding countries at my leisure and explore the north of Thailand with a lot more time available than the previous years when I visited.
    I have researched the sites information re bike insurance but just want to check I've got it right.If I bring my own bike I won't be able to get fully comprehensive insurance ,that is only available for bikes registered in Thailand therefore my bike would only be insured for third-party ? I'm also not sure if I can insure it for theft reading the information.
    If someone would be kind enough to confirm that or hopefully they is an alternative to get fully comp cover .
    I would be very appreciative ?
    safe riding
  2. No I tried my own company and then I tried several others, they will cover me for Western Europe some will cover Russia but non-in the UK will cover Asia at all.
  3. David
    Thank you that's what I've been reading ,and it confirms I can only get third-party and no cover for theft ie the voluntary third party cover, as the more extensive cover is only for Thai reg bikes .I was just hoping they was some way I could get comprehensive cover or at least theft cover.
    All the best
  4. Thanks I will try that I'm as I am going to be over for some length of time and the I wil do a lot of miles it would be good to have the cover.The more I look into it the more complicated to get 1st class's cover ,if I long time hire you don't appear to be able to ,if I buy I then need a address in Thailand and to show I'm a resident which I won't be.
    Advice appreciated
    Safe riding
  5. For my CB 500 (Thai registered), I was unable to find any policy in Thailand that covered theft but wasn't first class (= fully comp in GB language). Since you have said first class is unavailable to you probably, I think you will find it difficult to find theft cover. I have not found third party, fire & theft to be available for bikes here.

    Having said that, I am not an expert and I hope you prove me wrong.
  6. Thanks I have asked for a quote from the insurance link on the site they have got back to me saying it may be difficult because of getting parts for my bike which is a KTM2014 1190 adventurer.They did respond very quickly and say they would get back to me so I am hopeful I will get some good news there.I will keep trying to explore all the options as I as it would give me more peace of mind if I could get comprehensive insurance and theft cover . I'm gonna be over whatever happens .
    Safe Riding
  7. Success I have got a quote now which includes fully comp first-class cover and theft it's expensive 57,333b but it always was always going to be expensive ,that was via this web sites insurance link.If I don't use it for the whole year some of it would be refundable.Anyway another option for me to consider.
    Thanks and safe riding

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