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  1. Hi all

    Been a while since I have been on here. Looking to spend a year in Chiang Mai from Oct and want to get out on a few adventures on a big bike. What licence will I need to have to be legal? I will have an non-imm B visa, so could potentially get a Thai licence? Alternatively would a UK bike licence and a international permit from the UK Post Office also do?


  2. Hi Will,

    You have a limited time on International Licence (3 months).. Before you would need to legally get a Thai licence.

    More info here.
    How to get a Thai drivers license

    As you will be on a Non B.. Just get the Thai licence as soon as you can.
    Avoids any potential issues down the track.. Plus you can use the Thai licence as ID in many cases.
    Though the days of getting the cheaper rate at the National Parks with Thai licence are gone.

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  3. Agreed, better to get the Thai licence asap.
    The licensing is toughening up all the time, so get one while it's not that difficult & you can.
  4. Hey Wild Bill,
    As my forum members have indicated above: It's not a quick trip to the Land and Transportation Department and have a Nice Day Anymore.....

    If you're hangin out with us for about a year, then yes, it's a good idea to have one.... It beats walking and riding around with your Passport on you, as it is a National Identification and can be used at Hotel stays in most of Thailand.

    Having said that: You have two paths to take: 1. Run by your Embassy and have a notorized letter stating that you have a lease and are working, touring or retired in Thailand. 2. Vistit the closest Thai Immigration office and for a whopping 700baht they will inspect/examine your lease. Passport and grant you authorization for The Land and Transportation Department to test and issue a One Year Thai Drivers License. Yes, I said TEST. So, bone up on your Thai Language if you will be staying out in remote provinces. Chang Mai should be no problem..... Many English speaking nationalities.

    A drivers license from another country or the preverbial "International Drivers" typically will not impress them.... In Bangkok anyway...and make sure you have 5 copies of the 3 forementioned Documents.

    Best of Luck !!!
  5. I may have missed some think but a uk international driving licence last for 1 year I got checked a lot in Chiang Mai and other parts of Thailand and the police seemed fine with it
    Safe riding
  6. This changed already.
    You get 2 Years.

    You are talking about Cof. Certificate of residence.
    Basically it is free of charge.
    But some Immigrations take money for it.
    In Pattaya it is a bargain. Only 200 Thb.
    But you need 2 if you want to obtain driving license for bike and car.
  7. So basically I just go to immigration with my passport, visa and UK Licence and 700Baht and I will get a two year driving licence issued? Will this allow me to ride bikes as well as cars too?
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    The license you don't get at the immigration.
    There you get only the certificate of residence what is needed to obtain a driver license at The Land and Transportation Department.
    And now there is a hassle with international driver license.
    Thailand accept only IDP from 1949 Convention signed in Geneva.
    If the UK don't give you the right one you need a translation of your national license from your embassy.
    In Thailand you need 2 different licenses for car and bike.
    It is not on the same license.

  9. Yes, but only valid for trips up to 3 months. I you go out of the country you will reset the previous months....

    But anyway, people with a non immigrant should have a thai licence.
  10. Yes but I don't see the police checking your passport to see how long you have been in the country.
  11. That's true.
    But how is it in case of a accident?
    How will insurance this handle? Maybe give them a reason to refuse the payment.
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  12. As recently as feb this year I finally decided it was time to get a thai car and motorcycle license.Went to my local new immigration office and got the cert of residence cost highish at 300 baht, but included several photocopies and lot of shuffling papers round several desks and what seemed like a lot of on screen work too. Took best part of an hour and office was empty.They helpfully gave be the med cert to do while waiting.

    Went down to the doctors surgery they recommend round the corner.Gave the receptionist the cert she went into a room for about 10 seconds and came out with cert stamped. Well not going to get much done for 60b!

    Over to the driving test office looked over my international and new certs and they filled a form in for me which I then signed.Then over for photos which i thought a bit odd since i hadn't taken the test yet. Told sit down and wait for the tests in the far corner of the office.Did the traffic light,brake test and depth of field tests then back to counter, and paid the fees,got my licenses which were ready.

    That was it.Was spared the lecture [Many thais were asleep in that room] ,the written test, and the actual driving test.I had come ready for the full set as that is what I heard was now expected.But hey this is Thailand.After visiting Thailand every year since 2003 for 4 to 6 months a year I was finally just about legal.
  13. So does this mean that if one have an international driving permit one doesnt have to do most of those tests? Like mentioned above the written test and the actual driving test?
  14. No written and practical test if you have driving licence from you home country.
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