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  1. For any one who can get a copy of BIKE magazine july 09, there is a great write up about bikeing in northern thailand with unkovich,dave lek,luke etc all getting a mention ,its a good read and well done to the triumph tiger rider/writer. :D
  2. Thanks for the info mate and I'll ask me Dad to pick up a copy and hold it for me then I'll bring it back here to circulate.

    I may have access to an old R800GS whilst I am back there in a few weeks in which case it would be good to hook up....

    Hope life in that shithole is OK and the days until you come back here are passing fast enough for you to cope with!


  3. Here she is lads
    BIKE UK magazine.
    July 2009 Edition.







    The writer Andrew Spooner was here for almost a month November last year.


    An excellent read with good solid info that should encourage many UK riders to come on out & explore North Thailand & the Golden Triangle.

    While here Andrew was also updating the Footprint Thailand Guide book. Andrew is a good rider; a very likeable down to earth guy whom I'm sure is going to give motorcycle touring in the Golden Triangle / Laos a big plug.

    I had a good time on the road with him, as I'm sure The Snail & Luke did.
    Good on you guys.

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  4. David

    Well done Dave

    now door's are open and sky is the limit,,,

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