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  1. hi

    does anybody know a reliable mover for bike?

    i need them to pick up from BKK post office and deliver to my apartment in sukhumvit.

  2. What kind of bike is it and why does it have to be moved this short distance?
  3. it is hoda XR250. i bought this from the guy in chiangmai and he will ship it to bangkok post office.

    and i need a mover to pick it up from post office and deliver to my friend's condo as i am not in bangkok now.

  4. I sent a variety of bikes with thaiparcels....they do delivery too ( on many locations at least) maybe the guy in CM should send it with them straight to your friends condo. Here is their website:
  5. Thank you for information.

    i will try them.
  6. You can ask the guy to try send it via Nim See Seng which could deliver the bike to your friend's condo.
  7. Thank you. But the guy in Chiangmai had bad experience with Nim See Seng.

    So we decided not to used the.
  8. I am the one sending the bike from Chiang Mai. We know more than one person whos bike was missing in transit for atleast 2 weeks using Nim See Seng. We have also had numerous other parcels sent to us damaged by them. Unfortunately the sender still always uses them!

    After 6pm tonight the wife called the Chiang Mai office of Thai Parcels as recommended above. They were very rude to her, told her they close at 4pm then hung up on her after she hardly said a word the whole time. Needless to say, she would also like to avoid using them if possible!

    Can anyone else recommend a shipping company for moving a motorcycle from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. The post office isn't convenient since it needs to be delivered right to a home, and the post office needs it to be picked up at the post office which doesn't work for the receiver.

    Somebody previously mentioned Trac Transport and said that they are good for moving bikes. I can not find any info about them online though. Does anyone know of them or have a contact number for them?

    Thanks a lot for any info!
  9. Sorry to hear about them being rude to your Wife, sometimes it really is surprising how much variance in the offices are...anyways here is another try....i never sent a bike with them (interespress logisitc) but it doesn't hurt asking them...i know they have an office in "my Town" here their website:
  10. I have used Boontadh Transport a couple of times getting things from Bangkok. I am not sure if they do Bike. It may be worth a try. Here is the numbers 053-801022-6. They have a warehouse/office in Nonghoi.
  11. Thank you everyone for your kind informations . We wil use as the seller's wife had a fair treatment from other employee of that company. So we will give them a try. Kudos to his wife !

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