Bike Party at Khon Kaens new Central Mall Sat May 1st

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  1. Poster with details

    Following KK Bike Week Volume 2 in February 2009, we had decided to leave Volume 3 until the Winter of 2010, probably November, to give us cooler weather and very little likelyhood of rain. This is still our intention. However one of our major sponsors, TAT, the Tourist Authority of Thailand, has been very generous with a donation, but is keen that we hold an event earlier in the year; to promote Khon Kaen town and province as a suitable and constantly improving tourist destination.
    To that end we invite you to join another Bike Party on 1st May 2010. The venue is the external space around the new Central Mall, located at the main town gate, on Mittraphap (Highway 2) and Sri Chan Rd, also known as Sticky Rice road or Khao Neaw Road.
    Details below.
    KK Rider will always try to include some social activity in these events, usually involving visits to meet local orphaned or underpriviledged children and any funds raised are used to help these activities which occur several times a year, apart from the bike week and bike party events.
    For any visitors to the area or anyone else interested, I will also be very happy to take a one day bike tour of local roads and attractions on either Friday 31st April, or Sunday 2nd May, or even both if people interested. Please contact me if you wish to do this on 0831501035..
    John Gooding
    PS. The planning for KK Bike Week Volume 3, for the late part of 2010 will continue, including stands from the major bike manufacturers etc.
    I will post a firm date as soon as available.

    Khon Kaen Bike Party Sat.01 May.2010
    Place: Kao Neaw outdoor space, Central Plaza Khon Kaen
    Enjoy music from heavy metal big band “Hin Lek Fai”

    We invite all friends to come on Labor day to Khon Kaen. Great food & drink and to enjoy professional music from Khon Kaen town. Meet people and biker friends from around the town. Get to win prizes for free and enter the auction to raise the funds for Khon Kaen Bike Week activity for social work, Participation open to all who interested in any brand or form of biking. We aim to provide an enjoyable event and environment for all who are bikers or have an interest in biking in Thailand.
    The New Central Shopping Mall is a great meeting place, easy to find, easy to park.. The Bike Party will occupy the outdoor space surrounding the mall. Shelter, cool air and all the indoor facilities available as well,
    Join social activity supporting underprivileged children from the area, along with biker friends from all around Khon Kaen town and nearby provinces

    Promote tourism business in Khon Kaen province
    For more information: contact Tourism Business Association of Khon Kaen, Office of Khon Kaen hotel Tel.043-333-222

    10.30 Meet at Central Plaza, Kao Neaw outdoor
    11.00 Start parade to meet children
    Remark: Need clothes, dry snacks, UHT milk, stationery, books and so on

    12.00. Lunch with kids
    14.00. Back to Central Plaza
    15.00. See bike racing at Big Pho race track
    18.00. Join Khon Kaen LaBor Day Bike party
    19.00. Food&drinks and music from heavy metal band “Hin Lek Fai”
    21.00. Lucky draw
    22.30. End of event
  2. What about the obligatory dancing girls? :wink:
  3. Me and my misses will sure be there, me on my Roadstar and missy on her Dragstar :wink:
  4. Auditions for dancing girls starting soon, bearing mind this is outside a family oriented shopping mall. Will you be turning up for the auditions Rustic?
    Northai, look forward to seeing you and the missus there, one couple, 2 bikes, good for the statistics :D
  5. Yamaha, Harley Davidson, and Kawasaki have now confirmed that they will be supporting us with displays, maybe reduced from there large show size, at the bike party. Very good of them to attend at such short notice.
  6. John

    Since im mobile again i will be there,,,
  7. Hi Marco, Great news that you are back mobiie again. Will look forward to meeting up 1st May. Have you managed to get any air con fitted to your Panzer Wagon while its been waiting tyres?
  8. It's now FULLY airconned and covered,,

    what hotels you guys have a deal?
  9. Hi Marco,
    We have some good value hotels here but we have no special deals, as there are such varied requirements from different groups.
    The SSR guys are staying at Khon Kaen Orchid, Saturday and Sunday nights. Cost 590 Baht a night. It will fill up soon as only small. Khun Tan may offer a discount to riders who want to stay at Khon Kaen Hotel, as he is a biker.
  10. I recommend Khon Kaen Orchid... beautiful place...

    see my report here for some photos...

  11. John and the guys

    I know Khoen kaen Orchid as i have been there as well so no need to read reviews, but thanx for offering

    why i was asking is just to support those hotel you might have a deal,,,, but yes i will stay in KK Orchid
  12. Hi, see you all here.
    Check traffic way for party entrance and ramp to special parking space(same level to party floor) for your best convenience.
  13. Hi BR

    Ok,, will do so.

    if i remember anything from my previous KK bike party it must be good


    I try to be there on time for a morning 10.30

    and i just got confirmation from KK orchind hotel so they still have rooms left,,,

    See you guys there
  14. All is now in hand for the bike party on 1st May at Central Plaza Khon Kaen.
    Poster now attached giving details. Easy parking at the Mall.
    Relaxed bike ride to small village school 50km each way, leaving at 10.30am from the Mall.
    Afternoon stalls, music, and displays, as well as opportunity to set a time on your bike at Big Po race track, nearby. Prizes for fastest in each category.
    Evening, eating, drinking, listening to good music and dancing. Auctions, Yamaha scooter prize drawn from entry tickets.

    Hope to see you there.
    Any help needed with directions or hotels etc. Please contact me email or message

    Best Songkran wishes; John
  15. Hi John, I will be there too, arriving on Friday 30th of April and leaving Sunday 2nd of May. Would be very grateful if you could reserve me a deluxe room at the Kosa and just confirm me by SMS. Most propbably I will go there from Phrae. See you all there, Cheers, Franz
  16. Sorry guys I wont make it bike and I are down maybe Surin :happy3:
  17. Will miss you Ray, hope both make quick recovery
  18. Thanks working on it :happy3:
  19. Apologies for not posting anything yet about the party. Sorry but too busy to take pictures, as running around sorting hotels before hand,meeting those arriving etc, and unfortunately helping mates with problems since, and doing the accounting etc..
    The event was well attended, the morning bike ride to a small village school was delayed due to rain. We waited as long as we were able, bearing in mind it is school holiday, and the staff and children were only there because of our visit. A good visit to a very appreciative village school.
    The event at the mall was virtually full to capacity for bike parking and eating and sitting capacity for evening entertainment, very pleasing bearing in mind the threat of rain, the hot weather and the short notice. Thanks to all who braved the forecasts and made the effort to come from far and afield.
    Good music, the usual lubrication and fairly tight management of the evening events, trying to cut down the long speeches and presentaions, made a good atmosphere, which lasted until the Central lights out time.
    Many thanks to our main sponsors, Yamaha, Harley Davidson and Kawasaki joining us too.

    Please do post some pics here or on a new thread if you wish. I know many were taken.

    We still are committed to provide a full bike week event in November, probably not at the mall due to space restrictions.
  20. Heard good things from those that attended congradulations :happy1:
  21. Some Photo's of My experience at the Party. After a little delay on the way up from Chiang Mai we arrived in Khon Kaen at 6pm. Had been a Brilliant Ride all the Way and No Rain!!! John Gooding had arranged rooms for Us all in the Kosa Hotel. Brilliant and a very Healthy Discount was also included from the Normal Price! Thanks John! After freshening up it was down to the Hotel Beer Garden to Meet John, Marco and Bard and His Wife!

    We had a Great Time here and good to catch up with Marco, Unfortunately this was the only Night together as He Preferred Nurses Company for the Following few Days!!! On to the Scandinavian Bar where I stayed to late but some managed to Occupy themselves till 7:30 the next Morning!!!

    Up early the Next Morning and it was RAINING!!! Bugger!!! We caught a lift out to Central Mall and took a look at the Bike Party Venue and saw the Brave Few off on the Wet Ride!!! John the Illustrious Leader!!!

    Khun Bad on His Harley, a local Businessman and Bike Committee Member.

    This Guy had a Brand New Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom. He had only recieved it the Day before and had never Ridden it in Dry Weather Yet!!! Still Loved it though!!!

    Kawasaki had a good Stand including this Red Bull Stickered KLX 125

    Photo of the Venue in the Morning!

    And the Party at Night!!!


    The Bike Party Committee all made an appearance on Stage!

    John Gooding getting Particular mention and He even gave a Speech, Well Done Mate!!!

    Our Mate Crazy John made friends with Mister Happy Belly!!!

    Bard & the John's with Ladies!

    Some Idea of the Crowd Present! It was a Ripper Night!!!

    Our Table was a Rocking Party with a Mixture of Guys and Girls from Different Areas and Countries!!!

    Silly Fools Played a Great Night of Music and did some Fantastic Songs including some English ones!!! They recieved Thanks and a Gift Pack each from Yamaha after wards!

    It was a Hard Task for John to Burden but He tried His best to Enjoy it!!!

    Everyone Made the Effort to Enjoy it! Top Night.

    So for those Who Missed it Bad Luck!!! Hopefully See You next Time? Marco get well soon as I missed Your Company at the Party! Bard it was Great to Meet You and Your Family and Look after My Harley!!! Well done to all the Organizers and I will Catch You all again Next Party, Brilliant :lol-sign:
  22. Ian, thanks for your punchy write up and some great pics, Looks like I might be in a bit of trouble, apart from Bard's wife I never met any of these ladies before the night. Not quite how it looks on the pics, but I was actually able to enjoy the atmosphere and the night. Thanks to to Chiang Mai, BKK, and Rayong girls and guys for a real fun table.
    Hope to see you at the next one, which will probably be 20th November, if Mr Abhisit holds firm on 14th for the election date.
  23. Great report Ian thanks :happy1:
  24. Hey Tony,
    Nice to have you back. Thanks for the pics and the link. I am lazy and do not check these Thai boards as often as I should.
    Our plans for the November bike week have been on hold for obvious reasons, but now things hopefully settling down again, we will try and get something firmed up.

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