Bike party in Tachilek

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  1. This might be an easy way to get to ride in Myanmar for 2 weeks on your own bike!
    Need to find out how far from Tachilek we can go.
    See below "invitation" to the bike week party 14.12.14.
    Will update once I know more.

    Update for entering Myanmar WITHOUT VISA.
    Myanmar immigration authority has been authorized to arrange the special entry permission for all foreigners to join the 1st Myanmar Tachileik Bike Week and/or Kyaing Tong – Mong Lar trip WITHOUT VISA.

    *** Conditions ***
    - Purpose of joining the 1st Myanmar Tachileik Bike week and/or joining the Kyaing Tong – Mong Lar trip.
    - Permission to stay 14 days.
    - Enter and exit through Tachileik – Maesai gate only.

    To register for the special entry permission, please email the following to [email protected] within 25th November.
    (1) ID card for Thai citizen, or Passport for other countries citizen.
    (2) Bike owner book (Case your own bike), and Letter of permission from Bike owner (Case you do not own the bike)
    (3) 1.5”x 1.5” size photo (Scanned in resolution not lower than 250 pixels per inch.)
  2. I'm up for that. Great opportunity to bypass some bureaucratic red tape! Let me guess, $5000 in crisp green notes or something similar to put a downer on it!
  3. I think I would wait for some more facts before getting too excited. The trip, " Purpose of joining the 1st Myanmar Tachileik Bike week and/or joining the Kyaing Tong – Mong Lar trip." is alternate spellings for Keng Tung and Mong La at the China border. This route from Tachilek is only about 230km each way. I made the trip in 2009 with my truck and overnighted in both towns. At that time you could not divert from the main route at all, with checkpoints and stamps on your travel permits along the way.

    It will interesting to see more info on this 'trip', but if it is as above, it would be tough to stretch into 14 days. It would still be worth doing, dependent on cost, as it is an interesting route with a lot of history. We can only hope it is more.

    Here is an old trip report from 2009;
  4. Thanks for a very interesting trip report.

    I just read Bertil Lintner’s book about the Kachins, and now reading his “Blood Brothers”. + a couple of other books about Myanmar/Burma.
    I know we can not go about in Myanmar as we are used to in Thailand, but still, it’s a beginning. Hopefully.
    Mong La is not so interesting, but the country side would be more interesting.

    I spent 3 weeks in Yunnan close to the Myanmar border all the way up to the Tibet border last year. Would be very interesting to se those mountain ranges from the “other” side too.
    But that means going up to the Kachin state. And the only way to find out how far we can go, is to go and see.
  5. If you want to see what true adventure and determination is, read Bertil's 'Land of Jade' (available on Amazon as an ebook). I first met Bertil when I arrived here in 2002. I heard many stories of his legendary trip across Burma with his wife and child but I didn't appreciate the full scope until I finally read this book. Bertil is on Facebook and usually announces new releases there also. :thumbup:
  6. I am also waiting for this. Got the invitation month ago and not so sure about how we deal with borders.
    Everyone knows that we like to use this chance to extend our stay beyond the event to explore Burma.
    I am serious on that. And if there is only choice that in and out must be Tachileik border then I may drop my idea.
    Reason why - it's too far for me to travel from Hochiminh City. If I can get in Burma via Techileik, then get out by other gate down middle or south of Burma (some where near BKK) then I will push myself a bit.
  7. This is info I found on the site we are not allowed to mention but yes, It is IN and OUT at Tachilek with your passport to be handed in to the authorities for the duration of the trip and you will have to remain with the group so no other side trips allowed.
  8. Oh, thank you. That's too strict :sick:
  9. I considered going but have decided against it. Looks like a rather expensive (to me, not the authorities) PR event for the Burmese government. Other riders will have their own views, and each to his own. I hope those who do decide to go have a great time.

    Don't forget you are ambassadors for us all ;)
  10. It's a great idea but I get the feeling they may well be swamped with participants & the thought of a several hundred bikes riding "together" up the Tachilkek - Kentung (Chiang Rung) road at once worries the hell out of me.
    I'd love to go & join in but......still undecided.
  11. I am thinking of only going to the party and not the road trip
    230 km over 2 days, a parade with a leader and a large unknown group, and most assuredly dodgy hotels, does not sound like my kind of trip.

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