Bike Party Phittslanuk????? any one know anything about it

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  1. On the 8th. of October 2011 is the Biker Party at Phittslanuk.

    Another one scheduled for October 15th in Nong Khai per our Thai Mechanic
  2. At Khon Kaen Bike Party, I was given a poster for Midway 4th Bike Week at Phitsanulok. This is on 2nd to 4th of December. See website

    no info about party in October though.
  3. Thanks for the info, guys!

    It's that time of year, and I'm starved for bike rallies! :thumbup:
  4. The 8th is a no go, a rumor that can't be confirmed.
  5. John you o got a phone number on the midway bike week I can;t get the sit to open?
  6. Contact TAT 055-252-742

    Power Machine Group 055-252-079

    Never mind John Finally got it to open
  7. Midway to be held Dec.2-4 at Central Plaza. Parking is going to be a nightmare.

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