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  1. jonadda

    jonadda Ol'Timer

    The motor bike races at ChiangMai speed way start again on November 19th. Qualifing starts at 10-00am, races in the after noon.
    If its any thing like the last one its a good day out.
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  3. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    Looking forward to seeing the chicken chasers dicing it out again. Good stuff indeed.

    Luke and went to the track for a few laps or fun and excitement on the bikes. it gave us loads of respect for the guys that carry that corner speed on the final corner with the cement wall and poles 3 inches off the racing line.
  4. jonadda

    jonadda Ol'Timer

    Good to see a good turn up of GT riders, I believe the next one is on the 17th of Dec.
    We need one of our own out there to cheer for, any takers
  5. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    Since the brolly dolly with the boobs was not present at this i event it has diminished my desire to participate at the next event. However maybe Luke could be persuaded since has a hankering for tall skinny umbrella toting lasses.
  6. Pikey


    B&T, I fell big time for the chick that was holding the brolly for 3rd on the grid! A good day I reckon, both in terms of "eye-candy" and racing.

    To answer John's question above, I have just sold my Yam XJR1200 (too heavy for the roads round here) and in a complete act of lunacy, today bought an XR400. I know feck all about SuperMoto but saw the guys cooking the track on sunday and thought it looked fun. Therefore, after some hours at Joe & Tom's bike shop up to my elbows in grease making everything fit (BIG thanks for the help guys if you are reading this!!!) my dirt XR400 now looks like this:


    I have only rode it about 20km (from the shop, around the moat and to my place), but shiiiit, it's a twitchy b*stard with the the little 17" front wheel and forks that dive like a penguin with a blue whale chasing it! IF, I can get used to it over the coming weeks, then I will do a few private laps of CM Speedway (so as i can crash and generally make a dick of myself without an audience) and then MAYBE, I could be the "Team GT-Rider" rep on 17/12. Time will tell and no promises OK?..........


  7. jon

    jon Ol'Timer

    Pikey,I like your XR .what is the story behind the wheels , Did you get them complete or are they rims laced onto the XR hubs? I am toying with the idea of a pair of smaller wheels for my DR as it is a struggle to get the thing to corner or change direction quickly.You might want to look into heavier fork springs and oil to stop yours from diving too much , but I am no expert .I also saw an article once and the guy had put a little red short front guard on from one of the smaller CR Hondas .Good luck with the racing career!
  8. flyingkiwi

    flyingkiwi Ol'Timer

    good pic,,iam suprised about the front end..dont think it will take much to get it sorted..i have had quite a few XRs,,mainly 250s.found the frontis usually pretty good,think jon is on to it with the hevier of my bikes,,took the springs out,and put a couple of car valves in the top fork nut.then i pumped them up with compressed air,,worked well.ran light oil in the forks.
  9. Pikey


    Thanks for the advice guys, just did he conversion yesterday and is by no means finished. Plan to put 10w oil and stiffer springs in the front and am bidding for a 320mm disc on Ebay at the mo. May just put in some 1" preload slugs to get me by until I can get the new springs.

    Jon, they are Excel hubs laced to std XR rims - this way it's easy to swap between road & dirt wheels as the axles fit (mind you, the front axle on a 400 is bigger than on a 250 so we replaced the front wheel bearings and got a new spacer machined yesterday).

    Racing career? No way, but if I can provide a bit of fun for myself and the other GT-Riders without looking like a complete nobber, then I'll be up for a spin around the track after a bit of practice ;-)


  10. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    Did a lap of the Samoeng loop today with Pikey and Jonadda. Pikeys bike looks the biz with those gold Excels. Loads of fun slipping and sliding around the loop with both of them. Had a great seat for a fantastic front end slide by Jon.

    Pikey was a real gent and let me take his new beauty for s spin. nice down low XR torque. Both front and rear are nancy soft even for my 135 pounds but no screwdrivers between us to twiddle the adjusters. It should be super fun once the suspension is set up for you jeff. Thanks again for the ride.
  11. jonadda

    jonadda Ol'Timer

    Happy to have provided the entertainment, the great thing about wearing leather pants when you have a moment is that no one notices the end result, well at least no one sitting near you any way, they hose out good too.
  12. Pikey


    Ah, now I understand why the toilets at Jonadda are blocked and the bloody washing machine is on the blink!


  13. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer

    Matt at TYGA , yes them again, is into SuperMoto as a hobby. He has a 500. 2-stroke of course:)

    He may have some parts compatibility info/sources, so might be worth a call.

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