Bike rental around Prachuap?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by bmore rex, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. bmore rex

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    I'm heading to Prachuap the day after I arrive in Bangkok middle of October. I want to rent a small bike or step-through to explore the Southern Coast for a few weeks. Could anyone recommend a shop around Prachuap or will I be ok just turning up? Would I have better prices or selection if I stop in Hua Hin first? Any help is appreciated, as well as any recommended guesthouses or cook shops in that area. Thanks,

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  3. zona

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    As a regular visitor to Prachuap, I would recommend Hua Hin as a good starting off point. You would have a far better choice of bike rental shops in Hua Hin than from the Prachuap city. You would also be able to enjoy the rides through the back roads between Hua Hin and Pranburi, Pranburi and Kuiburi etc. You would have to get back on Hwy. 4 (Petchkasem Road) between Kuiburi and Prachuap City and Prachuap City and Tupsakae though. The rest would be easy rides on the beautiful coastal back roads that can take you all the way down to Chumporn.
  4. thaicbr

    thaicbr Ol'Timer

    You will probably find Cha Am to be even cheaper for smaller bikes..and there are lots on the beach road.... if you want something a bit bigger or want to deal with an English speaker then in soi bus station about half way down on the right from the beach rd is a guest house that rents out bikes... he has got phantoms, cbr150's and 250's also smaller bikes as well... only down side is he can be grumpy about putting any mileage on...
  5. bmore rex

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    Exactly the answers I was looking for, thanks guys. Cha Am looks like a good place to start. I don't really care what bike I grab for these first 2 weeks but I'd like to keep it under $100 a week. I was trying to avoid spending alot of time in Hua Hin since I heard there is a big FMP crowd there and like a more chill dive bar type vibe. Part of this trip is about me slowing down to enjoy life which is one reason why I want a small bike. Do you think 2 weeks would be enough time to make it down to Chumphon from Cha Am and back without rushing? I usually travel very slow and like to stay at a guesthouse or hotel for at least 3 nights. Any recommendations for guesthouses, restaurants, or things to do in the area? Thanks again!
  6. thaicbr

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    one thing to remember you MAY have to leave your passport to rent the bike.. Try and smile a lot and pay a deposit remember to get some photo copies of your passport. if i were you i would get a GPS invaluable for finding hotels and petrol stations.
  7. bmore rex

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    I'm carrying several copies of my PP, one of them is laminated. I never hand over my PP to anyone but an official so hopefully lots of smiles and maybe some cash will do the trick. I don't mind paying for the whole rental up front if it makes things easier. I'm taking a GPS, just haven't got around to loading the GT R maps yet. Is there any one map that is invaluable or should I just DL one for each country?

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