Bike Rental Business For Sale?

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  1. Just bought the latest edition of AMCN and there's someone advertising a bike rental co for sale. And by the start of the email address cmmcbiz... I'm guessing it Chiang Mai. Established 2002, very successful......
    Anyone know anything about it, that's if it is in fact in CM?
    Cheers Wazza
  2. I couldn't think of better way to waste your money.

    First of all, even if it's successful at all they wouldn't be selling the business. And trust me, in entire Thailand perhaps only 1-2 rental agencies are doing reasonably well.

    I am a partner in limo rental business established back in 1997 in Malaysia, business still runs. We do only Benz, BMW, Volvo, Audi and while biz is lucrative with steady clientele, you can't possibly imagine number of issues and problems along the way. Multiply that (problems) ten times in motorcycle rental biz and you got the full picture. Unregulated and unclear insurance policies for riders and machine, not to mention high possibility of fatal accidents, police reports, dealing with rogue and inexperienced rider clients, theft of parts or entire bike and so on and on.

    You know what is good biz to buy? X-centre in Chiang Mai. And because it's so good I doubt Ian Rauner would ever consider selling unless someone throws at him obscene amount of money.

    Just my two cents.
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  3. Goran,
    Words of wisdom. A lot of money to entice torment. Better in every way to be the tormentor, than the tormented. Just tossing ideas around. Back in CM next week for another sortee, this time with the wife and daughter. So looking forward to it.
  4. I think that you will find that the business in question has done quite well for the Owners over the years
  5. I am up for it if someone has Money to Throw at Me Ha Ha! Everything is for sale at the Right Price! Only Reason We are Successful is We Own the Land! And of Course My Wife Runs it, She is Thai and knows what is needed here!
    Wazza, You never supplied the Name or Details of the Business so it is hard to comment on it?
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  6. Tony's Big Bikes
  7. Thanks to Derek and Ian,
    The wife and I are looking into an alternative life style and we really like northern Thailand. I have a passion for bikes but can see the hire bike issues as opposed to simpler operations.
    If you don't mind me asking Ian, what line of business are you in?
    We are currently in Cnx, rode in from Chiang Kham yesterday. As part of this exploratory voyage, we thought we'd stay in Mae Rim. Check it out, bit of a disaster, arrived late afternoon, resorts at great expense, so ended bolting back to town. The R107 was a pain yesterday but better today after we did the Samoeng Loop. What a f'kn great little back yard option that is, you are so lucky.
    Isn't the R1252/R4076/R3005, back from Chae Son NP another fantastic road, that was yesterday's treat, along with a coffee at Coffee Terminal. Nasty accident back up the road mid afternoon, bike v's sign post jobbie.
    Did this trip with the wife and 16 yr old daughter and apart form the young one getting baited in Pai via a beef burger, all went exceeding well. Oh, and we had 230 ks of rain, drizzle, mist and 16-19 degrees from MHS via Pai to Chiang Dao. I will post a ride report once I get home of the slightly modified plan but immensely enjoyable foray.
    Will also post my impressions of the 200 km old, 2017, 650 Vstrom which now has more likely 2200ks and rather road soiled.

    Could be worth putting up a Mae Rim accomodation thread for us out of towners.

    All the best to everyone for the new year,
    Regards Wazza
  8. Myself and My Wife have a Tourism Attraction: We started Small and it has kept Growing over the Years! Same as Chiangmai itself Ha Ha!
  9. Small world, we dropped into your facility yesterday for a spot of drift carting and I think we gave each other a courteous nod later when we were having a bite to eat before leaving. That's a great place you have there.
    Regards Waz

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