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    after riding a 250 XR in Cambodia last year and some scooters in North Laos, i'm kinda interested in renting trail bike in Laos this year. I'm thinking about doing a trip from Vientiane to Pakse (two weeks roughly), with dropping off the bike in Pakse (i read RemoteAsia is offering this). As i understand, this includes leaving the passport in VTE and having it shipped to the drop-off location via courier. Does anyone have experience with this ? It sounds rather unsafe in a place like Laos, well at least if you consider how valuable a passport is.*

    Any ideas are appreciated.*
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    Passports are used as the security deposit and I take possession of it when you take the bike and have a signed contract. The passport is then kept in our office securely. We use signature service with Lao Airlines to fly it to the destination and have a designated receiver, the return location agent collect the passport. It is then securely stored until you return the bike.

    We've done well over 300 rentals like this and no issue. I have even sent my own passport with this process several times with our agents to test it occasionally.

    Hope this answers your question.

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