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  1. Hi all,

    Last year I was in Thailand and went to the Golden Triangle (I rented a bike at Tony's Big Bikes in Chiang Mai) and really really loved it!

    That was the reason why I booked a flight to Malaysia KL from 5 to 29th July and I am looking for a bike to go around that country this time.
    In Belgium, Europe I drive bikes (now Honda VFR 800A) for about 10 years. Not saying I am a perfect driver, but do have some experience.

    Can anyone help me out on renting a bike for about 2,5 weeks. It should be more or less decent bike with some space for luggage and duo rider (my wife). Varadero, Versys or Africa Twin would be optimal but I am open for anything :wink:

    Do you know anyone who can help me out or maybe yourself?

    Thanks a lot!!!
    Best regards,
  2. Sadly, in Malaysia the cost of bikes over 250cc is very expensive. Malaysia has the most expensive bike price in the world. But unlike Thailand, all bikes come with proper certification/grant or else, they cannot be on the road. There is no bike on the road without the equivalent of the Thai's Green Paper.

    Because of such price structure, not many businessmen are willing to venture into this rental business. E.g. Baht1,200,000 for a GS1200 or Baht320,000 for a 17yr old African twin or a Baht700,000 for a 2006 VFR!

    The DP bikes you mentioned are either too new or too few in the market.

    If you are still keen, I shall try to get a couple of contacts for you but be warned that the bikes are not new and will also be rather pricey...

  3. What about smaller bikes, are they available for rent in places like Kuala Lumpur, Penang etc ?

    I'm thinking about a trip down to Malaysia the next time I'm over and even something like a Honda Wave would do for local sightseeing.
  4. Yes, Honda Wave ain't a problem!

    The rental bike can be found along the Batu Feringgi beach stretch, in Penang.
    I am not sure of the rental price but again I dont think its as cheap as LOS' Baht120-150/day.

    Riding a small wave in KL is a big risk. Malaysia ranks top 10 country in the world for roadkills...60% of whom are bikers on small bikes.

    But then again, attitude plays a big role in riding a bike.

  5. @Joko:

    thanks for your reply! Actually I am still keen on hiring one :wink: But we are also satisfied with 250cc, maybe somehting like Honda Shadow. I rented that last year in Chiang Mai and although it is not really my kind of bike, it is quite confortable. Not sure a Honda Wave is suitable for a trip of 3000km with two on one bike :?

    Even an old Enfield is in my interest, is this possible?

    It would be really great if you could help me with some contacts as I want to settle it more or less before we arrive in KL to not loose too much time.

    Your help (or anyone elses) is really appreciated a lot!!

    Best regards
    Kat & Joe
  6. The big Kawa dealer in Penang does rentals.
    Also, by KL's Batu Caves you can get in touch with "Ride Adventure KL" as they have access to any bike, depending on budget


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