Bike rental from PVO in LAOS .. need help


Mar 11, 2004
Hello .. in a few days I am heading to Laos and want to make sure that my bike rental from Monday, the 24th of May - Thursday night, the 27th of May is scure.
I tried to call
0111-856 21214444
0111 856 20 5515 544
here from new York .. trying to get in touch with the folks at PVO
but could not get a connection.
Does anybody have an idea what else I can do?
Also, what is the address of PVO?
I will fly into Vientiane from Bangkok on Sunday afternoon, but pick up the bike the following morning. Just want to make sure they have a Baja for me .. in case not ..that would totally screw up my planed trip.

Any help is appreciated.

greetings from New York City