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  1. The new Adventure Cambodia book states that Angkor Bike Rental on Street 51 is now the best place to rent motorcycles. If anyone has rented there recently - are the bikes in good shape? What is their weekly rate on a 250 trail bike? Or is Lucky still my best bet? -Thanks
  2. I have used Lucky on and off over the last 5 years having bought two bikes from him and rented a bunch as well. His service is terrible, verging on the dangerous - had two major smashes due to pathetic workmanship. He will wriggle out of any 'promise' that he has made - regardless of how much money you may have spent at his shop. I could go on and on and on .... Most expats here no longer use him.

    Have heard good things about flying bikes - yes they are still on 51, and Dara motocycles is also a good bet. Rental costs depend on age and condition on bikes but typically for a 4st 250 about 7 - 12 a day. dont take a 7 a day bike out of PP.

    I hesitate to wish you good Luck....[:)]
  3. I rented from Str 51-satisfied service. They do give you all the tools and spares you want to carry ( something Lucky will absolutely NOT do ) . Still it is important to get a newish bike and test it before you leave town.
    They do keep your passport-but had no problems getting it back -it seems they keep them all in a safe.
  4. Like most things you get what you pay for. Lucky no longer got a listing in adventure cambodia as a result of his stance on not hooking up odometers. my guest rent from anywhere and everywhere and I think its up to you the consumer as to what kind of bike or crap you want to rent. Phnom Penh bike is higher but they also promise quality bikes, roadside assistance etc. another customer of mine always rents at ankor and gets the same xr 250 and has no problems tho others have reported having bikes from them in less than satisfactory condition. no one wants to spend a trip in the bush with bike problems. flying bikes sells bikes. dara repairs them. another customer of mine just did the cardamoms with dancing roads and had a solid honda 250 cc from them (and pictures of the bike upside down in a ravine to prove it). he took a guide thru the cardomoms and after that trip is currently out touring on his own with the same bike. tourist season is definitely slowing down and lucky does have many bikes to choose from. I guess they all are capable of having something worth while, and I know me as a consumer I can pick and purchase the defective product from a lot of a 100 off the shelf every time!
  5. I'm the guy who did the Cardamom trip (see Jim's post) on a rental bike. The bike actually belongs to the guide I hired and I was able to convince him to rent me the bike for a couple of weeks after our trip was over. The bike was quite solid and never had any problems at all once I learned how to kick it to life in the morning when it was cold. Compared to the clapped out Baja 250 rental I'm riding around Chiangmai at the moment, the bike I got from Paeng at Dancing Roads was a dream.

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