Bike Rental--Insurance?


Sep 22, 2008
Will finally make it to Chang Mai in March (I know, bad time to ride with fire smog). I believe I can find a bike to rent, but I still have not figured out the insurance part.

Does the rental agency usually have the ability to add insurance? Is the bike insured against damage, theft, or personal injury to another person?
I am willing to spend the extra baht for added protection...but how does this all work that I would have proof of insurance if involvoed in something?

Have not decided on a bike shop yet, looking at a 400 cc or so street bike for 3-4 days.

Last question, I am hoping to have a wingman along. He is very nervous about leaving his passport behind. I understand the need for this, but are there any rental places that will take a cash deposit instead of passport? We ACTUALLY :shock: are pretty reasonable older guys just looking for a scenic ride, not ripping up the roads or bikes we rent.

Any help/suggestions would be GREAT!!

Jim from the USA.


Dec 6, 2005
First part of the question...

All bikes have included in their rego insurance for injury... I think the value is 15,000 THB per person (i.e. you and your pillion)... AFAIK, it doesn't cover the other party, but they should be covered by their rego...

All of the hire shops offer insurance for 100THB/Day... they don't have this insurance underwritten, so basically, they are taking on the risk for an extra 100THB/day...

You have to contribute the first XXXTHB for an older bike I think it is 10,000THB, for an ER6N it is 20,000 for the Ninja650 it was 25,000THB...

If the bike is stolen you pay 50% of the replacement value (on an ER6N that is 120,000THB)...

Don't think this extends to damage to the other vehicles... Check your own travel insurance, some exclude cover for motorbikes, some just exclude paying the excess...

WRT the passport...

Mr Beer was willing to let me keep my passport for 7,000THB Cash Deposit (because I wanted to go into Laos and needed my passport)... I don't know why you would unless you are crossing a border... To my mind, my Passport is safer locked up in his office than it is in my saddlebag, or in my room with Dog knows what invited and uninvited guests...

I always felt comfortable knowing that, no matter what happens, my passport is safe in Chiang Mai for pick-up...