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  1. Hello!
    I am visiting Chiang Mai on a 30day tourist permit.
    I wish to rent a bike for a day trip... or 2.
    I hold a Singapore driving/riding license. It is not an international license.
    How do I go about renting and riding a bike without getting into trouble with the law.
    Any help/advice will be most appreciated.
  2. My experience

    You will get bike regardless of license. Just bring passport.

    International license is easy to get, so get one. Handy for road checks if you are checked. Personally I never needed any of these

    Enjoy your rides, amazing country
  3. Instead of an International driving License you could also try to get the ASEAN driving license which is valid in the ASEAN countries. Here in Thailand when applying for a driving license you can choose which one you want and I assume that it will be possible to exchage you national license for the ASEAN version.
  4. Thanks for the replies.
    My main concern is not wanting to end up a criminal.
    I will visit the traffic/licensing department next week.
    I found out it's in Hang Dong which is about 15mins away from where I'm putting up (Sanpatong).
    As I am planning to move here by 2011, I will try to apply for a Thai driver's license.
    Next big headache in time to come is importong my bike here.
    From what I've read, that could be a real challenge. Well until then...

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