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  1. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi Friends,

    being new on this forum, I'ld like to get a bit of your large experiment with Thailand riding.

    Mya be I should search more but until today I did not found what I was seeking for from this web site exploration, thus I launch this new post.

    Apologises if you find it redundant but it would be nice from you to help some youngsters of...53.

    For instance, i would like to know everything about:

    -What papers to carry with you when you bike
    -Where not to ride in BKK and where to ride
    -What to do if ?

    ...All the good advices one could give would be welcome.

    I won't refrain some to be joking at me, but I dare !

    Anyway thanks by advance and hope to meet few of you along a drink sometime, somewhere.
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  3. rdg_john

    rdg_john Active Member

    Even if you have committed no traffic offence, the police will stop you to check your driving licence - be sure to carry this at all times. When they find that is in order, they will check the tax and insurance stickers - make sure they are valid and visible. Having a copy of the green book (not the original) is also advisable.

    If you are new to riding around Bangkok they are several 'unusual' laws to bear in mind such as keeping to the left hand lane - practically impossinle with taxis, buses and songteaws constantly blocking the way. But make sure you tuck into the left at lights near police boxes.

    Lots of flyovers are off limits to bikes and the sign telling you this is normally at the entry to the bridge - too late if you are unaware.

    And finally, all expressways are completely out of bounds to all bikes.

    If you do break one of the rules, smile, act friendly and the 'fine' will be about 200 baht.
  4. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Dear John,
    Thanks for the answer, it's absolutely the kind of pratical answer I am looking for.

    For driving license, I assume a valid International Driving License would be allright, isn't it ?

    Thanks again.

    Do you have any recommendation such as mainteance garage and others ?
  5. rdg_john

    rdg_john Active Member

    Laurent - International Driving Licence is fine, but I think there is a time limit from entering the country for how long it can be used. I'm afraid someone with more knowledge about these things will have to give you advice here. Obtaining a Thai licence is not too much trouble if you have the necessary paperwork.

    As far as servicing goes, I have used Red Baron and Jira in Bangkok. Red Baron is a pretty professional outfit, but they can be a bit funny about servicing bikes not purchased from them. Jira is a small place at the junction of Phetburi/Ramkhamhaeng - friendly, the owner speaks only Thai but he knows his stuff.

    I understand Motozone on Royal City Avenue have a pretty good name for servicing, but I have never used them, so couldn't recommend them.

    Let me know when you are in Bangkok.
  6. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    An Int Dvg License [IDL] is valid for its term of issue.
    The UK's RAC is valid for one year & then it needs to be renewed.
    Though I have ridden using my UK DVLA license and have shown it to the Patong police when on their monthly revenue raising blitz at the end of each month - I was NOT asked to contribute!
    However if you are spending long periods in Thailand you may want to consider getting a Thai license.
    Where an IDL is really helpful is that it negates having to take a driving test. There is still an eyesight and breaking reaction test but you don't have to actually hire/borrow a vehicle to take the test.
    A thai license has to be renewed each year - but you don't need another IDL. You can get a thai issued IDL if you have totally native. The thai license appears to be an acceptable license in Laos, Cambo = possibly Vietnam.
    You will find out more on this link:
  7. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    The above link has accurate information for obtaining a Thai drivers license in Chiang Mai EXCEPT that after the first years license you then can get a 5 year license.

    If you have a Thai drivers license you CAN get a Thai IDL. It takes 20 days to process from Chiang Mai, as they mail everything to Bangkok. If you apply in Bangkok it takes one day. I have the procedure in writing from the Land Transport Office in Chiang Mai if anyone is really interested.
  8. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi, Friends,

    And thousands of thanks for these detailed answers, for the time being, I am not Thai Resident such as most of you and come only for holidays on short (too short) journey such as X'Mas holidays and Summer holidays thus I have a valid IDL.

    In the next future, I intend to ask all these longer stay papers, a good part of it could be obtain from the Thai Embassy in France, I guess, and so would be more easy for me even if it takes longer due to the distance between the Administrative Center in Bangkok.

    We made Thai passports from Paris, for my 3 children and it was easy and efficient.

    Anyway again thank you very much, please do note hesitate to post every kind of good advices for a Newbiz bike driver (in Thailand, the Newbiz...).

    I know Red Baron as a bike center, I think they are quite serious but seems to be a bit specialised in Japanese bikes, I discuss it already with Vikrom Montrichok -The Manager- and I did not saw him confortable at the idea he could have a DUCATI to maintain. What do you think of my point ?

    I know as well Motor Zone where I was very well welcome -as French- by Cyrill but I wrote them several mails to which they never replied ??? I think the equipment is good for fine tuning of new type bikes (CDI, injection cartography..., electronic tester...) but I never pratciced them, does someone did ?

    For the others, I know there is the Official DUCATI Dealer (842 Soi Thonglor (Sukhumvit 55) BKK 10110, with mechanics who have been trained in Italy at DUCATI, the "Brand Manager" Pawat seems to be a very nice guy but I did not test yet their service. They seems to have a retail part stock well furbished...I'll have to investigate with your help the others...

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