Bike Scammers, Read and Learn (this is my story)

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  1. Hi

    This is actuall what happen and i can say money never left from my hand and i did not loose anything, but here is FULL and LONG story and "REAL"(used names and email address) non edited Story
    AGAIN, this is very long, sorry about that but i want to share this so no one will loose money for this guys.

    SO there was add in Baht & Sold months ago about Black Goldwing in BKK price tag 300.000thb,, WOW i said and with out hesitation I replied to that and after one day I got mail back what has been sent to many other addresses as well, Stating that he has got over whelming amount of replies(no wonder there as bike cost in TH abt 900.000thb)

    So I replied to him that I would be interested still, and then all start to go wrong and he got my attention.

    So NEXT mail from him was nice pictures of the bike and all paperwork’s and invoices are included, BUT bike is on Kuantan, Malaysia.

    Then he asked my phone number what I gave to him (mobile) and he called to me and we talk about 30minutes on the phone.
    He said that if I like to go in Kuantan and have a look of the bike im more than welcome, bike is stored in British Royal Navy ware house and he even gave phone number and storage number of the bike, so if I wanted to see it I need to call and make appointment and they will show it to me as he is currently in UK for arranging his new army post.

    Then I said that I have no connection to get that bike to Thailand legally and so cant get more future than this, he said that he will check something out from his colleagues in Malaysia and he will come back to me later.

    Next day, he called again and he said that his “colleagues” can shipped that bike with Royal Navy supply boat to Thailand with diplomatic immunity and so for no need to pay taxes and papers are legal, but I need to pay that transportation in advance what is amount of 5000Ringget (50.000THB) and he would not accept credit card or pay pal, only payment is by using Western Union money transfer I told him that I need to think about it as 50K is a lot of money to give some one with out seeing the bike it self and I haven’t see any Pictures when bike it is in Malaysia, so he told me to think about it and he will call again next day as he did.

    Next day his voice was bit more demanding and he was pressing down me to pay him that 50K, very soon or he will sell the bike to others, when I said that if he feels that way he can sell it to others, when he heard me to say so he came up with many excuses and then it HAPPEN, my Security personality kicked in, I started to listen how he speak, how he select his word’s and terms he uses, those where NOT a words of English Marine Officer(what I confirmed day earlier with my Security Colleague, who actually worked in Royal navy and Queens private yacht as security personnel)
    So he uses what I could identified from the voice as Afrikaans dialect and become more rude and hostile towards to me when im backing off from the deal, BUT I had a last ACE in my back pocked, as mentioned earlier My Colleague worked in Royal navy, so we decided that he would like to set up the meeting with this guy face to face in UK, so I let this “dealer” know that my friend will be contacting him and so he did, sent him mail and setting up the meeting, outcome was as expected He was suddenly n his holiday in Cyprys and will not come back to UK any time soon, and in his mail to me he claims to got a NAVY position in UK already, and so meeting never happen and he haven’t been in touch with me since.
    Here is his NAME and emails what he sent to me and you can see his email addy as well, so if any one comes across this person again, know that he is scam artist.

    His 1st email

    Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2009 11:50:46 -0700
    From: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Subject: 2006 Honda Goldwing black on black
    To: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Hello Guys

    I got such a massive reply for my bike advert that I get a feeling am offering is a bit too cheap so i'm gonna sell to the highest bidder.

    ABOUT MY BIKE-----I bought my bike cash brand new in Malaysia late last for all of you who ask for green book you know the answer because my bike is in kuantan Malaysia....but since i have the invoice ithink you can get a the green book documentation done over there for between 70,000Bht-100,000Bht or better do your own research.

    I'm trying to sell in Thailand and Malaysia. If you are buying for Malaysian use the price is 50,000 Malaysia Ringgits(no bargaining because its registered and insured here)

    ABOUT ME------I'm british and a naval soldier assigned to The Royal Malaysian Navy for the past 10months. I've just been reassigned back to England hence why i'm selling my bike cos its too expensive to ship there. I need to sell fast because i resume my new post soon. The pictures you saw where taken on tuesday!!!

    So guys if you are interested send me a mail with your offer for the bike so I could seperate the serious guys from the other guys. I'll send the serious guys more pictures of different parts of the bike.

    Yours sincerely

    Note:- For those of you asking for finance....the answer is NO....I bought cash and will sell cash (thats the whole idea of the low price).

    2nd Mail

    Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 11:05:58 -0700
    From: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Subject: RE: 2006 Honda Goldwing black on black
    To: me
    Hello Marco

    Here are the pictures you requested. I hope to get a mail with your offer very fast because i need to make a decision and conclude the deal asap. see the attachment.

    Waiting to read from you

    3rd Mail

    Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 03:56:22 -0700
    From: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Subject: RE: 2006 Honda Goldwing black on black
    To: me
    Hello Marco

    Thanks for writing. I think i worked something out. I spoke with some colleages in the Navy here and there is a International shipping company here that can handle the shipping and customs clearance. They handle most of the shipping done by navy officers attached to the RMN. I have been i contact with them and i'm waiting for them to respond. i will keep you posted however you will have to be responsible for the shipping cost ok?

    So tell me are you serious about buying it or should i consider the other offer. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Have a good day


    4th Mail

    Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 07:06:12 -0700
    From: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Subject: RE: 2006 Honda Goldwing black on black
    To: me
    hey Marco

    Send me your number lets talk on phone



    5th Mail

    Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 06:26:07 -0700
    From: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Subject: RE: 2006 Honda Goldwing black on black
    To: me
    Hello Marco

    After getting your mail i tried to call you but your phone was off. Basicly you need to pay for the shipping first then deposit of the total cost of the bike. I have the standard two original keys supplied with bike but ofcos you can make more duplicates if you need.

    As regards the custom papers, Its a bit late here now but tomorrow morning i'ld go to my lawyers office and make a bill of sale transfering the ownership of the bike to you. Its gonna cost me about 89£ but never mind i'll sort that out.

    The only other thing you need to know in the cabin of the bike (it can open with any of the keys) there is the honda bag where i've put all the documents regarding the bike, i.e the manual, the warrantee certificate, the emission certificate, the purchase invoice etc. You can see from the pictures i sent earlier.

    I'll try to call you later on so we can discuss better.



    6th mail

    Before this mail I already knew that he is scammer and you can see his mood changed drastically

    Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 04:50:16 -0700
    From: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Subject: RE: 2006 Honda Goldwing black on black
    To: me
    Hey Marco

    Now i understand why you didn't answer my phone call. Anyways it a pity spent most of the day making calls and driving around trying to put this together. Forget about your lawyer bla bla from your mail i can understand that you just wanna see the bike before you pay for it. Thats absolutely fine and if you remember I insisted you come over to see it and you said you where fine with the pictures you saw. Please call the supervisor of the warehouse and fix an appointment to see the bike in kuantan. +60169285364. reference no. JM20709V. If i do decide to bring in the bike to thai myself, I'm not obligated to sell to you. I must say am kinda disappointed cos i had stopped replying queries for my bike but will work on them now that i've gotten your mail. If you wanna reach me call me +447035926541

    Thanks anyways


    Also from that UK number NO one answer.

    That was last time I heard from him.

    This is the mail my friend sent him and then you see his reply

    Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 06:16:32 -0400
    Subject: (no subject)
    To: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    Hi Martin,

    Marco has informed that he is interested in buying a motorbike from you that is currently in Malaysia. He also told me that you personally are located in Birmingham. As I'm sure you understand, Marco is being very cautious about sending any money to you through a wire transfer. I have suggested that I could meet up with you in Birmingham sometime early next week and give you the money personally as I live not far away in Newcastle where I am based in the Royal Navy.

    If this is an acceptable arrangement please reply to this email as soon as possible also copying Marco and we can set up a meeting. I look forward to meeting a fellow Royal Naval officer although I cannot find your name in the Navy List?

    And Reply

    Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 05:55:29 -0400
    Subject: Re: (no subject)

    Just had this from Martin:

    Hey Bob

    How you doing had to edit. Am on hoiliday in Cyprus for a week (got here lastnight) then back to malaysia......I told marco about it. Anyways i found a lady in malaysia who wants to buy it for her husband and she's gonna see the bike today so give me until Monday i'll email you if she has taken it or not. Then we can proceed. Thanks anyways mate


    All mails are real and NOTHING has been edited.
  2. Good one Marco, hope nobody got caught out by these low lifers!

    I saw the same ad for Honda Gold Wings at 350.000 Baht in Baht&Sold. The guy called himself John Johnsson and said he was from Kanchanaburi. I told him I want 10Pcs, but I want to see the bikes before I pay. That was more difficult. First he said that the bikes are in China and probably made in China at some factory. When I told him that that is impossible he said he will come back. And so he did but now the bikes are in Japan. said ok I buy 10 but fly to Japan and pay cash when I see the bikes and take delivery. He prefered Western Union or Visa.....He promised to come back and check with "head office"

    I haven't booked any ticket yet...

    Cannot understand why they put a price that is 5 times lower than ex factory price. That makes it an obvious scam and smells far....

  4. Hiko

    As per international Money Laundring offices around the world, 99% of Scammers are using Western Union as it's almost impossible to trace person(s) after money has been send and with drawed

    I also saw that add and i knew that is one of them and there is no use to responce or mail to them any other way that he will be reported

    as per my work i have direct reporting line of communication to all major Law Enforcements money laundring departments.

    It's also good idea to exchange few emails with them as persons IP can be traced, this dont mean that it's still there but it give them a hint and pattern where they might godo next.

    that is main reasson why they prefer to communicate by phone as that(Sim card) can be dispoced easilly and in most countries do not cost much i.e. Thailand.

    Edit: almost forgot Hiko, price to to lure,, and they do not want your to buy a bike just pay Small fee for recerve the bike's and they get many inqueries and unfortunently some people still paying that fee and so continues scamming, as long as some one pays..
  5. "Nice one", Marco!


    Makes me remember I heard of a guy in BKK who was in touch with a seller in Korea for a big bike through e-Bay... Began good (very low price, exceptional quality and so on...), but quick the seller came about money to "reserve" the bike... And same: through Western Union.

    Western Union is a very good and efficient company/system, but it allows easy scams... On some sites in Europe they beware not to use it when purchasing second-hand items, at least: wait to hold the item in hands before use it!

    Through the Net, be vigilant toward the "unknown" and the "very" low prices!..

  6. Such a scumbag, would really love to get a hold of him !! :evil:
  7. The abundant spelling mistakes and poor grammar usually help distinguish these scammers also. Though I guess if English is not your main language then it would be harder to tell. But words like cos, wanna and gonna usually are used for a reason.
  8. I know it is a bit hard for you guys with slower Interweb access in Thailand, but I used to get a good giggle out of baiting these scammers...

    There are a whole heap of hints, techniques, and even prizes if you do it according to

    Heaps of fun...

  9. Daewoo

    i use to do same thing with Money laudering guys from Africa,,

    I keep them in the loop about week or so as song i get they permanent IP and street address(If possible) and then tell them what i got and suddenly they just dissapare :lol:

    they can be very fun when you give them details they need and then they come back that Quote" your bank details are not valid(email) End Quote""that makes my laugh so much, but somehow that dont ammusing them...I wonder why :shock: :?
  10. Hi Friends,

    A classic in Europe and more specially targeted to France...Are we more naïve than the others ...???
  11. Daewoo

    i use to do same thing with Money laudering guys from Africa,,

    I keep them in the loop about week or so as song i get they permanent IP and street address(If possible) and then tell them what i got and suddenly they just dissapare :lol:

    they can be very fun when you give them details they need and then they come back that Quote" your bank details are not valid(email) End Quote""that makes my laugh so much, but somehow that dont ammusing them...I wonder why :shock: :?
    I like swearing at them mid sentence IN CAPITALS... and then apologising for my tourettes... :)
  12. What a great website. I just spent 2 hours reading the stories there. It's so great that people are trying to get these bastards.
  13. You should give it a good... It kept me amused for a year in a previous job where I didn't have much work to do...
  14. This is a world-wide scam with countless variations. i saw a H-D. 883 Sportster with low miles for a silly price. The usual BS followed. Out of the country, and some phony "escrow" company consisting of a homemade website. The guy was in "Edinburgh, England". Enough said.

    Next day, I noticed a bike dealer with 100+ ads. The prices were bizarre. An Aprilia Mille 1000 was cheaper than an older 125 cc bike. They used an existing Honda dealer's name...

    A few weeks ago, in Germany, I helped a mate buy a Mercedes Sprinter transporter. Advertized was a 2004 one owner from new model. The address was a parking lot and the sellers were Romanian gypsies. Need I say the transporter was a wreck with accident damage and years older? The "documents" were fake - - -

    Play it safe, the appearance of a "bargain" triggers some deep emotions. Get a bike which is worth the price. And look at the owner as well, not just the bike.


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