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  1. (Hope this is the right section. Im new to the forum, so apologies if wrong section!
    Apologies too if this question has been covered, i did a search but didnt find what i was looking for.)

    Im hoping for some tips on bike security.
    I live in an apartment which has ground floor parking.
    There is a security guard, but i suspect his job description stipulates frequent napping... wondering what options are available to help keep my bike more secure. Any tips and tricks too?
    Additionally, what options do you recommend when on trips where there is no particular secure parking area?

    Thanks for any advice given!
  2. My theory is if you look after the security guard by bringing him drinks, ice cream and nibbles at least once a week and he will make sure you are the only one who rides off on your bike (fingers crossed).
  3. The security guard tip is a good one, thanks.
    Just dont like that being the only thing i rely upon (and of course wouldnt work if away on a trip).
    Im picking up a dtracker 250 most likely end of this coming week, and the price (although maybe not a big deal to many here), is a biggie for me. I want to take what feasable precautions i can to dissuade opportunists from sticking it in the back of a pickup and shooting off.
    I have a heavy chain already, but the lock is ill look into a more decent lock.
    I think there are locks that are alarmed?
    My regular bike is just a scooter, so ive never really had to think about what security measures i should take.
    I would be heartbroken if i get this dtracker and it was snatched just because i didnt take a few simple measures to make it more difficult to steal.
    Probably overcautious, but would help my peace of mind. :)

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