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  1. howwwyyy

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    been offered a 2stroke fairly new 125 frm a back street garage-23,000bht.anyones views on wether its big enuf to tour round/explore on.?seems gd buy but its years since i rode nethin so small.whats reliability nowadays?its a fairly common kawasaki.i,m here for 1-2months[?]
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  3. Azoulay

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    Howard, responding to your post, I would like to tell you different issues:

    -A 125 cc is more than enough for touring around Thailand
    -I would prefer a 4 strokes better than 2, but it simpler and if you care about your 2 stroke lubricant oil and the overall temperature no problem to cruise.
    -23.000 TBH for a second hand 2 stroke bike seems a bit high, specially if you stay 1 or 2 month, you'll have difficulties to sell it after. Look for a cheaper second hand or buy a brand new 4 strokes at 35.000 TBH, it would be easy to sell it after.

    Just to end this mail, imagine that I explored Scandinavia, years ago on a French Solex moped of 49,9 cc and I did it again with a VESPA PIAGGIO 125 one year after (around 10.000 Km in two month each times)...

    Have a Great Fun my Friend !!!
  4. SilverhawkUSA

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    A lot depends on what you want to do with it and your style of riding. Read the forum Colin's Thailand Honda Wave Tour and you will get an idea of what can be done on a small bike ... mondulkiri. I can't say that this would be my choice but you may enjoy it with your limited time here. I think, as Azoulay says) I would stay away from the 2 stroke. There are so many good four strokes for sale here that you should have little trouble finding something to match your needs or budget.
  5. Klaus

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    ...two-strokes are the work of the devil! They're evil!! Run from these stinking, screaming abominations as fast as you can!!!
    On a more serious note: You wrote that it's been years since you rode anything that small, and I've actually NEVER ridden anyhting that small, but have to say these bikes are lots of fun and some of them are all you need - around here. Had a Kawa 175 chopper, a 200cc Phantom, now I'm riding a CBR 150 R, did a one-day 700km trip on it - no problems! Always had a Wave on the side, still ride my old 11 to school every day.
    Rent a Wave, the 125cc is quite quick and comfortable. if it's not enough, buy something bigger. For one-up long distance I can recommend the CBR; if your budget is limited, try find a Suzuki Raider 150 in good shape. You can get them for around 25-30K baht. 4 valves, DOHC, air-oil cooled, 6 gears.....
  6. Klaus

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    Size matters, and you don't want to lug around a Yamaha 1300 Royal through the mountains, that's what the gym is for.
    I did a couple of 200km one-day trips with my 125 Wave and must say it's less painful than it sounds. Of course there are better bikes to do that with, but.....
    I'm amazed at the difference between my old 110 and the newer 125, the 125 feels way stronger and vibrates more than the smaller Wave. Then again I had engine trouble which I never had with the 110...
    There are lots of cheap and reliable bikes out there, like Honda Nova(125cc, watercooled) and 135cc Yamahas, even a 200cc Tiger, which the police now rides around here.
    Try loan shark's shops that repossess the bikes if the payments aren't made, they ususally sell them for a decent price and it's possible to bargain.
  7. howwwyyy

    howwwyyy Member

    in fairness it only had 40km on clck,havin trouble findin bike shops!nevermind loan sharks!how do i go about finding one?i agree -4strokes the one-now been offerd 750 yam frm a shp-58,000?i look at tmoro.2 more questions1-what area is best to buy a s/hand bike?im in bnkok,but sounds like theres more variety chang mai area.2.what is the score with -3 month visa?i bin told u need to get this before you can own a bike?thanks for all responses.

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