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  1. Stumbled over this advertising at and bought both a front and rearstand for my bikes:
    Payment I transferred via bank, goods arrived properly packed and in no time. Stands I ordered in black, good job done, recommeded. Only disadvantage, if you cannot read & write Thai you will need a translator. B.rgds, Franz
  2. Hi Friends,

    I saw these bike stands in few bike accessory shops around however it's of a quite poor quality and I would be carefull about relying my bike on such stands.

    For those who are interested in more serious issue, I would propose to copy my genuine Ducati stand for the 1000S2R Monster I imported from Italy.

    I already gave it to copy to a small pipe shop around the corner for few hundred baths and the result was perfect when you respect the shape, the right tube diameter and thickenes and you use the right materials (small wheels, bearings and other).

    All small materials could be easily found in Klongtum (BKK Chinese corner) and then you give it to realise by a local nice and good will skill steel worker as there are thousands in Thailand.
  3. I wouldn't mind getting one of these.
  4. ~ contrary to Azoulay I now own one SS03 and one SS05, have lifted both the FJR and the SRX4 and there was no problem at all, welds are MIG, guides for the lifting brackets are adjustable, wheels will take a bike load of 300kgs, Tubular frame is straight but if you want to spend more money for imported "red" coloured ones, be my guest.......
  5. I thought Az was going to make a local copy of a previously imported Duc stand. Didn't read anything about spending more to import 'red' ones. Or maybe I misunderstood.
    Then again if Franz's stands can handle 300kg, they'll be okay for a Duc.

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