Bike tour the Chernobyl Dead Zone

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  1. Thansk for sharing. That's an awesome read. Some of the images of Pripyat are downright spooky!
  2. I loved this statement by the author.

  3. That was really big issue even in Finland as i was in the ship already and go checking all the way in Poland those days, every day we dock in Gdansk, Gdynia about 1200Km away from Chernobyl and all ex. Soviet ports from Estonia all the way to Denmark....
    but pictures what i have not seen at all and most likely not publicized very openly,,,,
  4. This is so fascinating. You can almost hear the echoes of children laughing, Russian motorbikes, etc.

    Thanks Pgt066 for posting this.
  5. I seem to remember this story being discussed and called out to be a lie a couple of years ago, might have been on ADVRider if I recall correctly.
    I might be wrong though.
  6. Great article.. if it is a lie someone went to a lot of trouble photoshopping pics of the area with her and her bike.
  7. Very good article there is not a lot said about Chernobyl these days, Elena seems a very interesting woman with a lot more guts than most ... good on her.
  8. I got courious about what Lightemup said and had a google and found this .. on ( The Museum of Hoaxes )Motorcycle Trip Through Chernobyl
    elena.jpg A month or two ago a woman named Elena posted a travelogue on the web about her solitary motorcycle ride through the deserted area around Chernobyl. With all the eerie pictures she took of the abandoned, irradiated 'ghost town,' her travelogue quickly became one of the most linked-to sites on the net. Now there are accusations that her travelogue wasn't completely honest. Apparently she didn't go around alone on a motorcycle. She went in a car with her husband and a friend. Elena defends herself, admitting that much of her story was 'more poetry' than reality, but noting that most of it was still reality. I'm inclined to side with her. The pictures of Chernobyl, and what it's become, were real. How much does it really matter that she made them more interesting by wrapping them in a tale about a solitary motorcycle ride? (via[TABLE]
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    Posted by Alex on Fri May 21, 2004

    And also this web page ( )

    So it dos seem she did not really ride a motorbike though the dead zone ... but still made for a good read over coffee.

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