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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am ready to purchase my first bike ever and it happened to be in Thailand. Everyone has been telling me it is not a good idea to start riding in Thailand but I have been postponing to buy a bike for some time now and I feel like the time has come. Maybe it will be harder to learn in Bangkok traffic but I have to start somewhere...

    Although I reside in Bangkok I found this great deal in Pattaya and I will make the trip to do the paperwork and pick up my first bike this Friday.

    There are some spare parts come with the bike (original exhaust, etc) and then there is the ride from Pattaya to Bangkok, which I am not keen on taking as my first task due to my lack of experience on a -bigger- bike.

    Could you please give me some advice on what my options would be? Is it possible to rent a pick up truck to transport my D'tracker and the spare parts from Pattaya to Bangkok?

    Also, any advice for a new rider would be very helpful. I have been looking for a riding school in Bangkok but it seems like there is only AP Honda's course and that is in Thai.

    If any of the experienced riders out there would like to give some tips on riding safely in Thailand, I will appreciate it. If anyone in Bangkok has some time to ride together, that would also be great.

  2. you should be able to arrange for a pickup or songtaew to transport u for baout 3000 Baht all in
  3. That sounds reasonable. Thank you for your reply. Do you know where I can find one in Pattaya?
  4. Usually people ask around ,taxi ranks or garages.
  5. Hi Ducatillon,

    Congrats on your bike! D-Tracker is a famous good one...

    You can send bikes through usual Thai Postage, Office-to-Office, but there is a max load/size... Very cheap and not a big delay... Maybe worth to ask in a Pattaya Post Office...

    IMHO, if it's your true first bike, better to begin riding it "around home/block/area/town", on some ways you already well know.
    In my knowledge there is no "ordinary" motorcycle driving school here. Everybody learns around home in family or with friends before going to examination...
    D-Tracker is not a hudge bullet-racing bike, so not difficult to learn if someone teaches you "do this-do that"/"like this-like that": one hour or two and you are OK to "handle" it safety. Later, for the "riding", mmmmmmmh, up to you! :wink:

    Good luck,
  6. Hi

    I am living in Bangkok (working in Rayong) and just sold one of my bikes to Cal in Hat Yai. He arranged the transport from bkk to Hat Yai with Thai Parcel services, the Thai equivalent from UPS, TNT, etc. Thai parcels came to my house to pick up the bike and transported it to Hat Yai for 1400 baht.

    Might be an idea.

    As for getting faliliar with your bike, there are several (car) test drive places, where you can drive your car around in an area without other cars, miht be something you can try for half an hour.
  7. Thanks for all your advice!
  8. Thai Parcel service: good to know Bert!

    Thanks for the tip!


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