Bike Trip From Southern Vietnam To Malaysia

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    Hi there I’m new on this site and have been travelling through Vietnam,Laos and Cambodia for the last 4 months on a bike I purchased in Vietnam..which has worked out perfect for my travels..what I’m after is some clarification on just what is needed to get this bike into Thailand and then on to Malaysia..I’m currently back in southern Vietnam near Saigon.. I’ve read the threads on here but still aren’t 100 % sure on exactly what the requirements are..I purchased this Honda in Hanoi and it’s less than a year old with it came a blue card which of course isn’t in my name ..I’m planning on travelling via Cambodia which is a breeze at borders and up the coast to the Thai border then across and down through Malaysia if will the Thai border authorities ask for more than this blue card as that plus a sales agreement is all I have..and it’s not like I can ask anyone here on what to do and would hate to ride all the way to the Cam/Thai border only to be refused flatly..any help on this I would really appreciate so much..I’m planning to live and retire in Malaysia so I’d really like to ride there if at all possible as the bike has got me safely through 18,000 km of amazing adventure and it is a sentimental kinda thing also..thanks so much..Mark

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