Bike Vacation from Udon

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  1. ray23

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    11--25 meet at the Caltex gas station at 0900., Udon

    11-25 Overnight at Na Heaw distance of appoximatley 210 klms. via Loie.

    11-26 Overnight in Phayao again around 200 klms.

    11-27 stop by my wifes viillage she hasn't seen her family four years. So I owe LOL We will overnight in Chaing Rai.

    After that we are going to ride the Myramar border to get to Mae Hong Son.

    From Chaing Rai on we are tourist we will stop as we wish ride till we want to overnight. No hurry.

    We will be in Chaing Mai on 12-6 this is the only bike party we are going to.

    On the morning on the 7th we will return to Udon with a ovrenight stop in between.

    Should get back to Udon late afternoon of 12-8.

    Anyone is welcome but fair warning speeds will be slow, we want to see what we are going through. There will be frequent stops. In other words we are going to be tourist.

    Another group will be doing the bike weeks then Mae Hong Son area after. When they give me the info I will post it.
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  3. DavidFL

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    Dont know or like your chances for much accommodation in Na Haew - the Na Haeo Resort / Folk Land Resort? - but maybe you know something I don't.

    Overnight in Dan Sai, then use R2013 to Nakhan Thai, then R1143 to Chat Trakarn, then stay on R1143 to Ban Pae (The 2nd 1246 Phitsanulok turn off), turn left go approx 14 kms & come out on R11 approx 35 kms south of Uttaradit.

    Or take your time & check out Phu Hin Rongkla nat park. ... t4409.html
    on the way through.

    Not sure which you're going, but Na Haew - Phayao is a hell of a lot more than 200 kms.
    Phayao - Lampang = 145 kms.
    Phayao - Nan = 117 kms.
    Chiang Mai - Loei = "400" kms.
  4. ray23

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    One of the Thai's has supposed to sit up the resevations, so we may not stop :lol: Playing things pretty loose so if we do fine if not we will keep going to Ban Nhok and see what comes up.


    1083 to 1216

    1216 to 101

    101 to 103

    103 to 1

    Guessing on milage with the think net map, it goes in straight lines for milage the roads dont so expect it to be off.

    Just trying to ride somewhere I haven't been yet.

    The easiest way would be to Phittslanuk then Uttradet and on in. But I've done that befoer. Reebre we never get lost , However, we have been know to do some unintended exploring :wink:

    Got two weeks so if we are off schedule doesn't really matter much. I expect it will be Terry and I. We are approching the same way. I No knowing the road conditions it may take a lot longer. Long as we end with a few day in the Mae Hong Son area. it will work out.

    Thanks David I appreciate it.

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