Bike week Sisaket in November?

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  1. Anyone hear anything about that?

    I can't find anything about it.
  2. Ray I'll bring some brochures when I come up hopefully 6 Nov.

    The Bike Week is 20/21 Nov.

    Cheers, Peter

    PS; If you want them sooner send me your postal address and i'll post them.
  3. The 6 th will be fine just want to get something out to the ride list.
  4. Ray I have just been talking to some locals and they say the Bike Week will run on 2 weekends, the 14th and 15th also the 20th, 21st and 22nd.

    I will try to clarify this in the next couple of days.

  5. Tad confusing Caj Mai LOL. Hey I just want see Sisaket new to me. So one way or another my plan is to be there in November.

    Just sounds like normal Thai business to me.

  6. Hi Ray,

    you are coming all the way from CM or some other place up North?
    Would you stop somewhere? My place is near Rangsit where I heard cops would be escorting the riders...

    Anyone wanting to come a day earlier could rest at a nearby hotel for 700 Baht (Thai price - my wife called and mysteriously the internet prices were toast) with bf.

    We have a nice massage palor charging 300 for 2 hours, combination of foot & Thai is my favorite) and a pool. The restaurant is great and reasonable, great Macaroni costing 40 Baht.

    My wife works at a brewery, maybe I could organize some liquid nuishment?

    02 501 5185 ... e_Packages ... 2817243006 (no affiliation, it's the only hotel nearby)
  7. We will be coming from Udon, so far we don't have a date certian got an info on that?
  8. Direct from the horses mouth, spoke to the horse himself -- it's 14, 15 Nov. The brochure also confirms this date. They have a programme set out and the meeting place is at Sisaket Obotor just out of town on the West side. Anyway I hope to see you Ray before then.

    There is other info out there about 21, 22 so don't know what is happening that weekend if anything. Maybe a rival gang, There is a bit of competition to grab the limelight.

  9. Dee and I have already decided we will go to the one you go to time to touch bases.
  10. If it's 14-15 then I'm in if im home from CM already as it's only 60km from my home.


    What hotel you guys staying? BF is that thai bf?
  11. I'll do a check of the hotels and post the results.

    Below is a photo of a big Billboard on the edge of the city on the Ring Road. They have a budget to stage the event.


    There is a Motocross planned and a bicycle event with different categories. I might go in the over 60's race. All starting from the Obator Office 4km from town centre. I guess there will be a parade of some sort but Khao Phra Wiharn is out this year because of the border dispute.The guy on the Street Bob on the Billboard is K.Tune a wealthy businessman around town. At a guess he would have stumped most of the funds to host the event.

    As I thought the following weekend is the rival gangs Party. Sisaket Free Life. I do wish they would get together and support one event.

    Look forward to meeting up with you also Marco if you can make it.

  12. Thanks Peter Local Hotel info, would be great.
  13. Sisaket Hotels

    Hotel ---- Phone---- Rate---- B'fast Incl

    Thai Serm 045611458 ----No Reply
    Prompiman 045612271 ----600-850---Yes
    Kessiri 045614006----750---- --Yes
    B KaewR K 045643133 ----350---- ---No
    Kruatia 045612033 ----350------ No
    Sp 045620903 ----350---- No
    N East 045615777 ----350---- No
    Suntisuk 045612718 ----No Reply

    All of these hotels are centrally located and close to restaurants. The two flashest hotels are the Prompiman and the Kessiri. There are 3 fairly new budget hotels, clean, air, TV, hot water,The NorthEast, The SP, and The B.Kaew Ruen Kwan. Then there are the older ones, The Sisaket(Suntisuk), The Kruatia and the Thai Serm Thai, which may negotiate down. C/Slash stays at the Sisaket and pays peanuts. Say no more.
    All these hotels have off street secure parking for your bike.
    I don't think any of them would require a deposit with your booking but if they do I could arrange that. My mobile No is 0814709020.

    Map of Sisaket to follow. The official website on the brochure is;
    but I can't find anything on there specific to the bike week.


    PS, that was a neat chart showing the prices but it didn't transpose.
  14. Map of Sisaket.

    Sisaket is an easy town to find things. The main feature is the Railway track that bisects the town, running due East West. Another landmark that everybody knows is Suen Heng Dept Store with green stripes in the middle of town. Ref D6.


    I live on the third floor of the school where I work. Thai American Language Center, Lamtong. Ref E7.
    We now have a Macro and Lotus, on the East side of town on the road to Ubon, and and a Big C on the West side of town on the road to Surin, all arriving in the last 12 months or so.
    Enough of this computer stuff - I'm off for my Sunday ride!

  15. Thanks Peter we booked rooms at B KaewR K 045643133 ----350---- ---No


    I sent it to the ride list
  16. Well Sisaket Bike Week went off with a bang.

    There was something for everyone. It all started with a parade from City Hall, around the streets of Sisaket under Police escort and with all intersections controlled by Police to ensure no hold ups – couldn’t do much about the train that steamed through the middle.
    The Parade was led by a truck with a band on it, followed by the mountain bikes, then came the scooters and retro bikes and finally the big bikes From there it was out 4km to the Orbijor’s property where the festivities started. As we arrived there was a flyover by some members of the Army Paraglider team.

    Beauty & the Beast

    There were all the usual Dealer Vendors and food stalls and a huge stage for the Band. The party went on into the night.


    People came from all over, I met a couple of guys on big bikes even from Leeoi. Hard to tell how many but there were lots.
    On Sunday there was the Motocross event which ran all day and the Mountain bike circuit which also attracted a lot of interest. I thought of taking my bike for a go with the mountain bikes but they were far too serious for me. There were mens, womens and kids events.
    The Motocross was well organised with many events and prize giving ceremonies and lots of dust on what was a very hot day.

    Mad Meo

    Next weekend we do it all again with Sisaket Free Life. They got out of town last weekend. They don’t have the Orbitor’s backing but they have got Caribao coming to the concert so that will draw a crowd.
    I really wish they would all swallow their ego’s and do a combined meet.

  17. Hi Peter

    I was there since 2pm and no offence but there was not so much a i was expecting, maybe because it was they 1st time, Saturday night was hapf of the tables on the "Red" Sice where empty and even the blue side 2/3 where full, i think organizers where expectiing way too many people to turn up than there actually came.

    Party was like normal Isaan Dancing party.

    I try to look you from the party but could not find, Spoken to guys from Loei as well and few other locals(Kalle) and of course guys from Ubon, but then came Smap of Bugs, did you noticed tht they have turn off the light from the some shop stalls as they bug where over taking everything..

    Will be in for this weekend bike week as well and talking some pictures, i really hope that this would be better than last one, i know that Ray + Eagle riders are coming from Udon so bit more farangs are expected..

    Peter where is the location for this weekend, as it too a lot of ork to find previous one...(Directional Signs where really small, or i have poor eye sight..LOL)

    would you like to meet up in some place before bke week(end) starts?
    I thik i will be droping by in franks bar,, for food

    DavidMOD's, can you move this to either isaan or event section.
  18. Eagle Riders will be there But I'm going to Surin to the Elephant festival.

    Thanks Peter looks like fun to me.
  19. Hi Marco I'm sorry I missed you. I was sitting with the Sisaket bunch in the middle most of the time.
    My mobile number is 0814709020, give me a call when you get to town and we can meet up. Frank's is OK or Willie's is probably better.

    The empty tables is exactly my point about the two separate groups. Sisaket is not big enough to host 2 Bike Parties on consecutive weekends.

    Ray have a good weekend at the Round up. Don't get lost in the crowds.
    Hope to see you if you swing by here on your way back home.
    Surin is 1 1/2(one and a half hours) from Sisaket.

  20. I think we may come by on Suday since when the Elephant show is done we have sen waht we want. Might ride down and then go back to Surin if we can't get credit for our rooms on that day.
  21. Marco, forgot to mention the venue is in the city this time.
    It is in Thanon Chotipan at the Western end. If you can read the map above you will see Mari Witya school at C-8, it is West of there. The road will be blocked with tents I would think.

    Anyway, give me a call. Look forward to seeing you.

  22. Peter

    ok, i got a call from Frank today and kantaralak Phantom guys are in by noon(12NN) so i target on that time in there.

    but i call ya when im in the town,, see you there
  23. Bike Parties Sisaket over for another year.

    The Sisaket Free Life Party was huge with a lot of bikes from all over. It was held on a street right in town and was a pleasant setting. There were big bikes and retro scooters and a lot of guys and their girls camped in tents around the venue. It was freezing with a cold wind biting across.

    This week it was a real bikers type party and different from the Local Government sponsored party last week. There were no mountain bikes or Motorcross, only a party and a big one at that. Lots of Farungs of whom I knew very few. Finally met up with Marco who probably has more photos.


  24. Cheers Peter

    yes have lot's of pictures but my photobucket is not working so cant download in, also i will have it in Isaan section when i finally managed to sort out the PB problem

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