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  1. Anyone ever been involved in puting one of these together. The White E devil are working on putting an event togethre for Next february and could use a bit of knowledge from those with a bit of experience.

    Anothre thing that would help them would be if heres is a schedule of evet nts so they try not to schedule when there is one already, tht could be gettign real tricky thes days.
  2. Ray

    Try Sumon at he organises Phuket Bike Week.

    Also Nicky at Nicky Handlebars, he also organised Phuket Bike Week, on one occasion, and I happened to be in the bar/shop and was helping his assistant on the pc, with PBW. Can call in to see Nicky for you if you like and get some pointers.
  3. John I will pass this on to the guy from the White devil who ar woroking on this, Thanks

  4. I spoke with the guys and they said they are already in contact with someone in Pucket, so it looks like they are on the right tack.


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