BikeAsia Singapore Expo, April 10-13 2008

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  1. No more having to shlep back to UK to the miserable NEC.
    This is just an headsup for the regions biggest Motorcycle & Bicycle Show to be held in Singapore in April 2008.
    Located at Singapore Expo, 5 mins from Changi Airport by train & 30 mins from the CBD by taxi.
    20,000 foot of floorspace will be allocated to BikeAsia with an outdoor area for action displays.
    It will staged in association EICMA [aka Milan Bike Show].
    More info
  2. This looks like it could be good. I like the dates, too- 10-13 of April. Good excuse to miss SongKran in Thailand.
  3. Thanks for that Rhodie. I will be all for that as Gus said the Perfect Excuse to Miss Songkran!!! We could go as a Group?
    Cheers Ian.
  4. Rhodie

    Wonder how this will compare to the Asian International Motorcycle Expo
    Oct 18-21
  5. John,
    Doesn't look like the Malasian Expo has any New Bike booths and Stuff more a Malaysian Show and Tell thing. I am Guessing the Singapore thing will be Promoting the Latest and Greatest in Bikes and Gear???
    At least i Hope so as i will be up for going there!!!
    Cheers Ian.
  6. Ian

    Have already made a note in next years diary, as mentioned above, can't think of a better venue to miss Songkran.
  7. Sadly, I have to agree with Ian Bungy.
    There is no new bikes in Msia so to speak, as the big bike market is very very small. The govt impose a [email protected]#$!%^&*-up high tax structure that inflated the price beyond the reach of any bike enthusiast. Many of us piston&gear-heads, ride old bikes (5-20year old!)[:(]. Only the rich-show-off-arm-chair bikers can afford the latest grey imports with special govt issued permits, to park in their garage for the weekend ride to the nearest starbucks.

    Yes, in fact many of us here, will be going for the SPore bike show, hopefully to buy bike gears but more to salivate over the new models (2 wheels & 2 legged[}:)]

    But I am also going to the aime show for lack of superduper things to do...[:D]


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