Biker Cafe - Na Muen, Nan. (great Stop Before Pak Nai Crossing)

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  1. Found a fab biker cafe/restaurant in Na Muen, just before heading into the hills towards Pak Nai Fisherman Village.

    10,000 Miles Bikers (google map link)

    Fab coffee shop with great food (both Thai and Western).
    Lovely owners.
    Great location.


    Sort of pops out of nowhere! You are in this very Thai village with rural style restaurants and BAM out of nowhere comes this gem.
    A brilliant stop off before heading into the hills towards Queen Sirikit Dam.

    Highly recommend.

    (I hope i havent messed up the order in this section. If i have, scold me, and i will repost in the correct place..)
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  2. Looks fantastic on the1026.

    Time to go back to Nan for a quick look again.
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  3. Looks like the name has changed since he opened the place.
    Screenshot 2017-08-11_06-33-40.
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  4. Must just have ridden an extra mile since then Oddvar.
    Next time someone visits, maybe it will be called 10,001 BIKERS.
    Haha. :p
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