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  1. Ciao,
    I am a young french woman leaving in Italy, Rome.
    I am a biker for the past 19 years, as started when I was 16 years old... I currently have (for the past 16 years... a Suzuki Djebel 650cm3, from 1991 with.....114000 km on the clock!!!! 102000km made by myself around Ireland, Wales, France (and Corsica island), Switzerland, Italy (and Sardaigna island) and Greece, and still hapilly running in the roman traffic, and on the italian country roads.
    I AM in Thailand now, busy now but then I'll have free time on my own from 23rd to 29th, and I would love to experience descovering Thailand on a bike Please help!
    Thanks & ciao from Babgkok
  2. Sylvie,

    I can't fix you up with a group, or ride with you, but if you come by the shop (Joe's Bike Team/Goodwill Motorcycles), I can point you in the right direction to at least probably meet fellow riders (no, you don't need to rent a bike from us for free advice!)


  3. Hi Sylvie,

    Unfortunatelly I am in France at these dates, but it' s important for the begining to meet a good group of bikers and follow them in order to avoid the Bangkok traffic hell to ride away from town ....

    Will be free in summer, around end June.

    Have fun
  4. Well, there MUST be a place to rent a bike in BANGKOK !!!!
    HEELLLPPP NNEEEDDDEDD so that i can go to (Joe's Bike Team/Goodwill Motorcycles) and meet other bikers.....

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