Bikers NEW Coffee Shop in Yasothon

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  1. Bikers NEW Coffee Shop in Yasothon


    NOW we have NEW Biker café in Yasothon, They welcome all Farang bikers .
    Rider One Motorcycle Cafe Shop is located at Yasothon on Route No.202 from Yasothon - Amnat Charoen at KM.2 or GPS 15.788315,104.171388.
    You can visit them in Facebook

    They are open daily from 07:30 - 19:00 . Our motorcycle SHOP is Authorized Dealer of motorcycle safety products Helmet, Jacket , gloves, shoes and maintenance product.
    In the “The CAFÉ” they have your excellent coffee and drinks including selected beers.


  2. Wow, What a Great Shop. Beautiful Job of the Decoration and layout of the Shop! Very Classy! A lot of People could learn from them! Excellent!
  3. Hi Ian
    I will go there in few days as i'm now back in the saddle, have CBR 500R and can drop by in there and take few pictures from inside how it's looks now
  4. Cool. Just added the coffee shop to
    Screenshot 2018-04-21_12-21-53.
    Please advice if any of the below tags can be applied.
    Screenshot 2018-04-21_12-26-46.

    Get your free Garmin OpenStreetMap here.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Since we are in Yasothon, watch Yasothon movie 1&2 with a famous Thai actor and his real kids with English subtitles. It's hilarious.
  5. OK was there today and nice road as normal and here is inside and few outside pictures
    Nice comfortable place and good staff and they all speak Thai
    20180422_145559. 20180422_145601. 20180422_145620. 20180422_145636. 20180422_145725. 20180422_145728. 20180422_145755. 20180422_145759. 20180422_145814. 20180422_145915. 20180422_145927. 20180422_145944. 20180422_150024. 20180422_153117. 20180422_153132.
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  6. Hey cool shop, they have done a great job.
    I will drop by and have a coffee.
  7. Andrew
    Let me know 1 day in advance so i can drop by as well same time. i live abt 60km away so need to know so i have good reason to drop off from my office
  8. Time for Yaso coffee during rocket festival 15261095029161574832935.
  9. Just now got some nice cake

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  10. 20180512_153446. From today in Rider one motorcycle cafe shop have NEW notice board called "Freedom to Share" so if you want to sale something bike related just visit them and post & look what is on for sale currently. Now there is 1 and that is my bike what is for sale.
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  11. Confirmation of the location on Google Maps

    Google Maps (somehow I had a lot of trouble finding the place. 55)

    GTR- IMG_0610.JPG

    A nice little shop & welcome break in the cool aircon.
    GTR- IMG_0613.JPG

    GTR- IMG_0615.JPG

    GTR- IMG_0616.JPG

    GTR- IMG_0617.JPG
  12. David are you here?
    U go north or in ubon direction
  13. I was heading to Ubon & Pakxe. The bloody rain set in from Yasothon to Ubon. Yuk!
  14. OK, so you pass our pharmacy as from my office i can see the HW #23 clear as we are connected to it and actually now day's many bikers going both direction especially from Friday to Sunday.

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