Bikes, Buggys Karts for Sale!!!

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
Noth­ing lasts for ever so in the never end­ing Quest to keep up to Date and use Mod­ern Equip­ment We are Upgrad­ing Var­i­ous things at the X-Centre such as the New Drift Kart Track under Con­struc­tion. We are run­ning out of Room so As such we have a vari­ety of Gear We would like to Sell, If You would like a new Project to rebuild or restore or just use them as they are here’s Your Chance!!! We have

Mul­ti­ple Dirt Drifter Karts 6.5 hp. Great for Kids.

Mul­ti­ple Pan­tera Motor­cy­cles. Great for the Jun­gle Basher!!!

Mul­ti­ple Off Road Bug­gys. These are in vary­ing states from Frame only to com­plete Buggys.

Prices obvi­ously are nego­tiable so just call in and take a look or email me for info? [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
Every­thing Sold As Is so no War­ranty etc.