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  1. We’re currently selling two honda wins in Saigon, we’ll be here until they’re gone. both ridden down from hanoi over about a month and a half, been looked after well, never broken down. one had new tyre, lights, wheel bearing, brakes and general upkeep – oil changes etc. and the other had new lights, and oil changes etc. due to my boyfriend being a mechanic they’ve both been cared for. We’re asking $280 for each which is what we paid in Hanoi but have put a bit of money into them. We have the registration cards, helmet, luggage rack and bungees etc. Can send photos if anyones interested, we’re staying in the backpackers area and you can e-mail us at [email protected].

    Relatively comfortable bikes to ride though I think anything would make you fidget after 8hours of riding.

    We missed our kawasaki 600's that we had in england a few times.

    Mopeds seem a bit more awkward for these kinds of journeys. The fuel cap is under the seat so to refuel each time you have to untie your luggage and they don't hold as much fuel. The wins seemed the most sensible option for the trip through vietnam. They also do over 200km to a tank so are really cheap to run.

    We can also give any advice/tips on where to go, which roads are amazing, hotels, bars etc. We've been in Vietnam since 5th November 2012.
  2. Hi there just finished a trip from Ho Chi Minh / Saigon to Hanoi
    I am looking to sell at a Honda Win motorcycle I bought in Hanoi with papers when I get to Saigon in about 3 days.
    It took me and my girlfriend across the country along with 2 huge bags, a drum and a guitar, so the bike is strong to say the least.
    It has a custom fitted rack and comes with 2 helmets, bungees and papers included.
    We are looking to sell the bike and accessories for 300$ US
    email me on [email protected] to buy
    Thanks :)

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