Bikes,get washed or wahing by one self?

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  1. Just came back form the ride and has intresting thought during the day, get my bike for same place where we wash the our car and check if they can wash my beemer..

    Drove in and asked, answer was no problem...ok, intresting,, que was 2 cars front of us and we wait, got in finally and instructed they guy where NOT to spray water and he did listen, i watch whole operationa dnthis guy work his ass of and was soo suffient that he even cover dash bord and radiointercom board even it's not really nesessary, he worked 2hr in total, including washing,dry crying,waxing, and cost of WHAT,,60thb....darn, in that money i will never wash my bike.

    Waxing and polishing all leather parts as well,,,this was my lucky day..

    This is UBON....

    in your area, if you get your bike washed, how much it cost,,, :shock:
  2. just make sure they go gentle with the pressure washer
  3. Here in BKK i bring my bike to a car care, the Thai owner has a big bike too. He has instructed the staff on how to wash a bike properly, they do a really good job. First thing, they let the bike cool down. Not good to start spraying water on a very hot engine. They plug the slip on too. They dry every inch of the bike with towel. Its 80b. Well worth it i say.
  4. There's another thread on bike washing somewhere here. Our shop here in CNX does a big bike wash for 60B but to be honest, I prefer to do it myself as it's a great opportunity to check for potential problems and the general condition of the bike.


  5. G'Day monsterman

    Correct guys have to be gentle with hig preasure if used,, im our case,, no high preasure used at all...
    And i think we where 1st big bike they washed,, but have to say good job they did.
  6. Just back from 700km, Khon Kaen, Khorat, Khao Yai, Khorat, Chaiyapum, KK, some dirty roads. Same after every day or 2 day trip. Park on the drive out of the sun, up on the centre stand, cool 20 min, hose down, wash with car wash fluid, hose dry, leather down, polish only once a month. Total time 20 minutes. If polishing 40 minutes.
    How could I let any one else touch my machine, and I enjoy doing it???, maybe just odd, but the 60Baht is not the issue, I would not let them do it if it was free.
    Now I know why I used the picture on the left! lol
  7. I totally agree with pikey and johngooding - I'd say have the car washed, but I don't want to see her with anybody else in the shower! (-:
  8. As i worked at sea last 25yrs i know the ships are called "Her" but bikes?? i guess so then,,, :shock:
  9. Yep, my bike's a "she".
    By the way, did you know why hurricanes are given female names?
    Because they arrive wet and wild and leave with your house and car!
  10. Funny but today in an English lesson with my monk students, I was asked why a car was referred to as "her" rather than "it", not so easy to explain, but certainly the case, you hear things like "the old girl would not start", or "she was running rich"
    Of course there may be some out there who would say "thinking of trading HIM in for a new one"
  11. Quote: "Of course there may be some out there who would say "thinking of trading HIM in for a new one" - they may be closer to you than you might think!! (-;
  12. Where is this, Tom?
  13. Yes car care, at chok chai 4, Ladprao.

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