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Ben Kemp
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May 26, 2007
On first arriving in Thailand, many people - like myself - don't know anyone, so there's little initial support other than guidance on websites such as this. There is the daunting challenge of language to overcome, getting a bike, and surviving the first trips on strange roads with traffic hazards that sometimes defy belief :)

The GT-Rider site has a lot of basic information available for the newly arrived, and riders new to motorcycling. However, if you've arrived on the website via a Google search, and landed on a Forum page, you might not realise that there's additional detailed information on the "main" part of the site as well... The links below lead you to some key areas;
Bikes: Renting -
Bikes: Buying -

Where To Go?
Day Trips:
Overnight Trips:
Touring Overview:

How To Get There:
Hardcopy Maps -

Meeting People
If you want to "meet the locals" in the Chiang Mai area and find some riding buddies etc, perhaps the best way is attend the occasional evening gatherings of the GT Rider fraternity. At time of writing, there's an informal "meet and eat" at Miguels Mexican restaurant in Nong Hoi, every 2nd Wednesday. Details are usually published / updated in this Topic; miguels-nong-hoi-for-dinner-t7741.html