1. iam coming over to thailand soon
    has anyone got a couple of bikes for sale..
    honda 250 baja.. kdx..... dr anywhere in thailand.... will bus up and pick it up..
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  3. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Happy Feet has DRZ400 for sale E-Mail Him.
  4. Thanks Ian.. iam back in cold NZ.. went to Australia but no work. iam on the Thames Coast and my pc has no reception.
    i have typed this out 5 times now and i keep getting cut off..
    myself and a mate are going to base ourselves in chantaburi . buy a couple of bikes and ride to viet nam ... will be over in november. cant wait.
    want to do a bit of riding down the south... have to learn how to post pics properly.. go back and read.
    la dee sawat.
  5. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Ivan, not so long ago Jay (CDRW) wanted to sell his 250 Baja, you might contact him though this forum and ask if he's still considering a sale !! His bike is in perfect condition, did a ride with us to Khao Yai and didn't have any troubles to keep up with all of our big bikes !! Advantage would be he's in Pattaya, so not far away from Chan. Where are you gonna stay ? Chaolao Beach ?? For info also see our posts about Chantaburi in this section. Cheers, Franz
  6. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    "Ivan, not so long ago Jay (CDRW) wanted to sell his 250 Baja, you might contact him though this forum and ask if he's still considering a sale !! His bike is in perfect condition
    ......Cheers, Franz"

    Franz...thanks for mentioning my bike. I had two buyers that desperately wanted the bike, but decided not to sell it until I can get a replacement. It's not a BAJA, but a Suzuki "Djebel" 250XC with legal BKK plate and book. However, Ivan, it's not currently for sale...at least not until I can find a dual-sport bike which is better suited for the boring tarmac rides to Cambodia or around Thailand. For the last year, I've only ridden short distances locally to keep the battery charged!

    FWIW, I've considered and decided against a DRZ400S and would prefer to get a Suzuki DR650SE or maybe something similar. Considered importing from Aussie-land but now their dollar is strong and Thai Customs would likely empty my pockets. I'm in a quandry...I want a bike that's reliable (like my current one); has more power, not too heavy and can be easily maintained (unlike Marco's BMW ;-) )

    Ivan...good luck in you search!

  7. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Jay, glad to see you're still having fun on your Djebel !! Ever come to CNX give me a ring and I show you good restaurants !! Why not look out for a second hand F650GS ? there's plenty of them out here just have to wait for the right one (price and condition). If you ever want to test or see you should call Craig-Esib, he got John Gooding's which I formerly owned. As stated in another post, I regretted already in selling this perfect dual purpose bike. Cheers, Franz
  8. Cheers Franz.. i will be in chantaburi town. the main road going in.
    Looking at bikes on bahtsold. also got a couple of friends over there looking for me. i remember going for a ride . not to far out of chantaburi
    and came accross a smallish town. but i could of sworn i was in england.
    cobblestone streats. and the shop windows had gold edging on them. any idea where that is? would like to find it again and post some pics up. mayebe it was a of french influcence. they invaded part of that country i think.
  9. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer


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