Billet Aluminum Footpegs for 2010 2011 Versys KLE 650 and 2009-2011 ER6n Ninja 650R

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  1. Brand new Billet Aluminum Footpegs in GOLD and BRONZE Anodize for the 2010-2011 Kawasaki Versys KLE650 and 2009-2011 ER6n / Ninja 650R!

    These heavy duty T6 Aluminum CNC Footpegs are stronger than stock, will provide better traction when wet or muddy and look awesome too! The stock rubber pegs are dangerously slippery when wet or muddy.

    Right now I have BRONZE and GOLD in stock. Bronze:


    I can make other colors on request. Installed:

    Shipped brand new. Installs in a flash.

    Cost is 2000 Baht/set. Pick up from my office in Minburi, Bangkok or EMS to anywhere in Thailand for 100 Baht.

    Let the Good Times Roll!

    [email protected]
  2. Wow, Look Great Tony, Top Quality!
  3. Hhmmh? Africa Twin?
  4. If you can provide me with a set of stock pegs from an Africa Twin I'll be happy to use them as a template to make billet aluminum foot pegs for the Africa Twin :thumbup:
    (I confess I don't know too much about the Africa Twin, but I understand it comes in many flavors so I'm guessing the footpegs may vary depending on model year and size?)
    Happy Trails!
  5. Hello Tony, would you send me your details, how to pay?? or at delivery ?? could need for my Versys,Would like to have them in Bronze now..
    regards Pierre Geirnaert ( Greenkawabird ) Korat...mail [email protected]
  6. Thank you for your inquiry Pierre- I've just sent you an email. Happy Trails! Tony
  7. How do these compare to the stock pegs in regards to vibrations? I find the pegs on my 2011 vibrate a lot and was thinking of changing them.
  8. Stock pegs have rubber and I've never noticed any vibrations with stock or aftermarket. But I always wear riding boots... Happy Trails! Tony

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