BIRA Circuit is now open to bikes ALL DAY on Mondays!

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  1. Woohoo! I always found it a bit of a drag to have to rush rush to squeeze in as many sessions as possible before BIRA switches over to cars as 12:30 so I was happy to hear that Mondays are now for bikes only. :happy5:

    Fook me I was slow yesterday, but still good fun! icon_mrgreen.gif

    Full day Mondays is a great deal for only 1200 Baht! Was surprised there were only about a dozen bikes there!

    Ride On!

  2. Was on the bike today and thought "lets have a look". I did not know you have to take the back entrance go get to the pit. There were about 5 or 6 bikes on the track, mostly Thai and only 1 falang ... making 1:19" not bad for a stock er6n. Not much safety along the track (in case of accidents). Actually nobody would have stopped me from just going on the track.

    I made some video clips but without sound and that is not the way you want to "see" a race-track. Next time I will take a better camera with me.
    Do they also do road training programs?

    Chang Noi

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