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  1. Looking at the Bira circuit website

    It says motorcycles 1000 baht per hour 8am til 12 pm Monday to Friday.

    Has anyone got any experience of this place ? Can I just turn up with my bike whenever I like and thrash it round the track for 1000 baht ? Also what are the restrictions on safety wear ? I haven't got a full leather suit.

  2. you should give them a call and make sure the track is available on that day ,first ...
    There is no retriction on safety wear ,but short and slipper are not recommended.
  3. Thaisuperbike used to go on Sunday mornings now not so much as a group but individually. All morning was 500 Baht but I have heard the price is now more, not sure how much.

    As for as I know there is no restriction on riding gear as long as you look like a motorcyclist. No you can't hire a bike in Pattaya and turn up at the track in shorts, a wife beater T shirt and flip-flops.[}:)]

    Last time I was there I went arround in my normal road gear. Jeans and enduro? style jacket. I guess it depends on exactly how far you intend to push your personal envelope.
  4. Hi Friends,

    I heard about an 8 Hours Endurance day in Pattaya or around, does someone would participate ? What could be the level of the day ? What kind of bikes could be there ?

    Apologise for my ignorance, I am a bit newbiz in the loop.
  5. Having shown up at Bira in my leathers with the bike 3 times per week for a few months I know it can be done. sometimes the track would be rented out for commercials or private use but usually there were no issues with availability.

    No marshalls or emergency services so riding 10/10ths on your own is probably not the brightest thing to do. Loads of fun to be had though.

    The 8 hour endurance race is a motox/enduro style event not a roadrace as far as I know. Its August 18/19.

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