Bira Track take 2


Oct 2, 2008
Here is the results from Bira last trip;

Trent and Allan meet up at my house Saturday morning, Trent rode his fridge, Allan had his CBR on the back of a truck. On the way down Allan got a 500 baht ticket for driving with the bike at the back, else pretty uneventful.

The CBR was unloaded from the truck and Trent tried to have a go on it, he came 30 meters and the throttle cable broke so then we had to load it up again and try to get it repaired. Could not find a fit for it so then it was no way that could hit the track.


Trent was the grillmeister and a go at my bbq, where after a lot of intelligent talk and tinkering we came up with the idea that Allan was to race Trent with my wife's Fino on the track, so with that in mind we went to bed.

Up as first man in the morning I made breakfast and pulled the two lazy guys out of bed, and we headed off to bira, me on my Ninja, Trent on his fridge and Allan on my wife's Fino. Due to the incredible top speed of a Fino the trip took forever, anyway we made it at the end and meet up with Simon and the guys practicing there.

We had a lot of fun riding and taking times etc on the track, I was slowest of the 3 bikes, not including the red Fino which I am fine with got better lines and got lower in the curves which was a lot of good fun.

The highlight of the day came up with the race of 115 cc Fino vs 1300 cc fridge, and we timed Trent who did pretty good best times so far well done mate. The Allan went for it with the Fino and he looked pretty good until the last curve where he skidded and smashed the Fino and himself, luckily he was only bruised so his time was a joke after that.

When we were all done for the day, we went to the Soi which now is renamed Soi Trent and I shall not go in details of all the stuff we had going there, but within minutes we had all the girls topless and it just went ballistic after that. Came home late extremely drunk and today has been a horrible day due to that.

Anyways we had a heck of a time all of us and it's to good to stop doing this stuff now, put in some pictures just for fun as well.


Here is Allan (The Fino Killer) in the first curve on my Ninja.


Here is Simon in the first curve.


Trent (The CBR Killer) in the first curve


Here is a cool kid in the first curve.


Someone who knew much better than us in the first curve.


Trent in the first S


Simon in the first S


That cool kid again, in the first S

Cheers Bard[/img]


Oct 15, 2006
Khuang Nai

Darn that looks like fun, i could never do that with my tank,,but it's sure is nice to look you guys...well dun and please dont be shy abt what happend in Soi Trent..the truth will set you free....I promice i will not tell any one :wink:


Oct 2, 2008
Well next time around you can join at the track, even if only for entertainment and viewing really cool riding, man those racers are impressive on the track.

Soi Trent, well around 2 o'clock we had 4 chicks topless and started to undress the rest, on top of that 3 of us where with little clothes as well in the bar, then we all went up for a refreshing shower together... The rest is for imagination, that was the first bar and we finished at what 11 at night so there were a lot of fun in several bars after that ;)

Cheers Bard