Bizarre Motorcycle Crash Caught On Camera + Video

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  1. By Troy Siahaan March 20, 2014

    Motorcyclists are well aware of the danger other vehicles pose, especially those with four wheels and inattentive drivers. This video brings to life in dramatic fashion every rider’s worst nightmare — a careless driver pulling out in front of you with no time to react, resulting in a spectacular crash.

    This video, posted last week, is already starting to become a viral hit. Mainly because of the sheer carelessness of the car driver. It happened in the UK, which means no, the child sitting in the front left passenger seat is not driving the car. As you can see, the two riders are riding along this main road at what the first pilot says is about 30-33 mph, when for no apparent reason, the car driver in the opposing lane decides to suddenly turn right directly in front of the motorcyclists.

    I must say, the rider shows incredible restraint considering what he had just been through. Many people likely wouldn’t have been as calm. What do you think of this vid? Is there anything the rider could have done differently to possibly avoid the collision? Or was it just a freak circumstance? Tell us what you think below.

    Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured.

  2. You lost me on that part Tony. He showed restraint by what, not assaulting the girl driving? He was at her window waving his arms and screaming "What the F***!?" within 4 seconds of the crash. Looks like he was about to have a meltdown to me.
  3. I think he showed restraint.
    Don't forget the adrenaline pumping through his sytem...did well not to rip the door off the car.

    Sigh....memories of my last accident.....and it was a friend driving too in my case.
  4. ^ If you watch the first bit of the vid, from the victims camera, he had roughly one second from the time the car crossed the double white line until he hit it. Simple physics really- If he was traveling at 30mph and hit the brakes one second before impact, there's is no way he could avoid hitting that car...

    That stupid bint was lucky she pulled in front of a bike and not another car- had it been a car or truck she could have killed her son...
  5. Thankfully he was riding with friends (witnesses) & everyone was having fun with their GoPro cameras (video evidence)!!

    I've watched it in HD about 5 times & no way was there time to brake or swerve out the way.....It's one of those terrible accidents that can just happen to someone super unlucky on any given day.

    He did show amazing restraint as the previous poster said, the adrenaline was kicking in & he was totally innocent. Lucky he noticed a woman & child in the car before ripping the door off or doing something worse, as that would have put a spanner in the works for his witnesses & the great video evidence.

    In a politically incorrect nutshell, I would say the dumb blond was arguing with the out work idiot in the back seat while also being distracted by the badly behaved kid in the front seat. Her ignorance caused her to blindly swerve across the road into her driveway without taking any due care & attention & was 100% responsible for the poor old bikers misfortune!! I hope she learned her lesson & drives with more care towards other more vulnerable road users in the future.
  6. Watched this several times and I do not think the rider could have done much to avoid the collision, if anything. Yes, he did show restraint by walking away from the car even though he quite rightly questioned the actions of a supposedly licensed driver.

    From the conditions, she was driving into the sun, so her vision could have been less than 100% but an experienced driver would/should have taken this into account.

    I also notice that she didn't bother to get out of the car. OK., there was a child in the front passenger seat who would have been very upset. It would be of interest to know the age of the child. There is a law relating to this. She also seems pre-occupied with her hair. Obviously got her priorities mixed up considering she has just caused an accident, and with a motorcyclist not another car.

    A lot can happen immediately following an accident. As posters have written, adrenaline is high and people react differently. Apart from the obvious concern for the rider who quite possibly sustained injuries he is not yet aware of, there are other things that should or should not be done. It looked like the passenger from the car was about to move the motorbike. No way. Leave everything as it is until the police arrive. Grab the cyclist, they would have probably seen exactly what happened too and is an independant witness.

    Luckily the rider was able to get up and walk doesn't always happen like this.
  7. Don't forget to take into account the speed of the oncoming vehicle even though it was turning. This would have given an impact speed of greater than 30mph thereby reducing the time given to think and react.....just saying
  8. Lets settle this once & for all. My intention was not to put down any other poster on this thread but to investigate the reaction times of a good rider on a top end bike.....and thought I would share the video I made for my own reviewing originally. :thumbup:

    I downloaded the video from youtube in HD, then dropped it into my editing software & watched it frame by frame. The guy reacted pretty damn quick, in fact 0.25 of a second from her turning & his brake light coming on. On the full video his brake light comes on a 13sec-28frames & the light is on with the bike squirming until 15sec-07frames. This video was encoded at 29frames/second, that means his brake light & bike squirm was happening for 1.25seconds until impact.

    This is the video in super slow motion & zoomed in to see the brake light etc etc.

    Bare in mind a top dragster can accelerate form 0-60mph is one second, I'll bet his quick reactions scrubbed off maybe 10-15mph of impact speed in that 1.25 second squirm of braking.
  9. Your correct this is a public forum.

    My opinion is he reacted well & his brake light came on.

    Your opinion is he could've reacted better & his brake light didn't come on.

  10. I don't see that the biker made a mistake, the woman cut him off at a very short distance and he had no way out, his only chance was to brake and of course there was no room. He was lucky that he sort of rolled over, if it had been a SUV he'd been seriously injured. I don't know how much he got injured, it doesn't show, the first seconds are all adrenaline, the pain comes later.
    Maybe his position far right of the lane hid him a bit and made him less visible after the first car passed. But further left wouldn't have made a difference, she should have at least seen the second bike on the left side of the lane. She was probably distracted, didn't even look, and when she didn't see a car coming thought it's okay to turn. Most cagers look for cars and see only cars.
    I guess these days a biker is behaving very well if he doesn't tear the door off and drag the driver out and give him a taste of tarmac, too.
  11. Which would you suggest - left into the path of the car or right into the oncoming traffic?
  12. Good thing the rider was wearing proper gear.

    That's all I was thinking about when watching it.
  13. I have to agree with you on this one. But in fact it's just difficult to say because it all went so fast.

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