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  1. Hi thought that might be good to share my experience from few of the bkk bike shops as they are really different

    Me, tall and fat, have major difficulties to find bike gear i.e. jacket
    so what me and missus decided to do when coming to bkk was take a day and go through few known shops(big & small)

    So we started out from Paddock,
    like said here in some topic, it is large quantity shop and few comments what we faced there.
    Missus where looking for boot's, fond nice pair guy from Isaan was really helpful there and took time to show 10's of pairs of boots, Gloves and jacket's, i did try the Biggest jacket what they had XXXL and it did not fit, so lady boss there turn to SOUR and service went "South" she completely turn to a B#*#ch, in that time, i got enough, and i can guarantee that i will not step on that shop or deal with them ever.

    Then went to 118 bikes,,
    Shop is hard to find but as good communication from the lad to taxi driver we found it.
    It was funny to go in there,, im sure he is dealing a numerous customers but when we enter the door he remember us,, only because we got missus Nolan N102 Helmet from him on last Khon kaen Bike weekend,, well i asked helmet for me and he did have 1 BMW 2nd hand system 4helmet but size Small,, not for my big head thou....so no luck there,, they don’t have much other stuff than Gloves and small spares,,,,but the guy was helpful and he asked from me if i know bike shop called STADIUM in Ram intra,, i didn’t know so her draw a map and he even call to them first and check if they have Nolan helmet XL size for me, and yes thy had, so off we go to STADIUM...

    Nice looking shop, have jackets, helmets and spares i.e. large amount of Brake pads in Whole sale price(no i don’t get commission from them)
    So found helmet, got it in good deal(happy about it(going to pick it up after i finish this story)
    Was bit hurry so we left but as today we going back there and have a look on boots to missus as well.

    Just a note from them: by end of this year they will stop having Nolan helmets on they shelf’s but maintain but do not order more spares for them, they will have lot of spares for Nolan helmets, but as soon that will finish they will not order more.
    They will start to import Arai helmets from next year and also within few months open the NEW shop just front of existing one.

    So next place was 32farmer's.
    That was also bit tricky to find and funny as it’ actually is NOT open, as it's part of they own house, so rang the door bell and someone comes open.

    Owner Khun Shi, has excellent English and friendly guy.
    He also has started on his own line of riding gear what are made in China.
    Has small quantity of boots, helmets and riding gear, like said not that big but he is guy with lot of info what is happening from Thai rider’s side
    He is also active rider by himself with 1200GS.

    So what i found from this trip in Bkk was helmet and gloves,,, missus boots and gloves.

    Nice long day, was pleased and happy of finding's and price tag.

    So now just waiting my LT what should come out on Saturday morning so we could continue our journey to Phuket.

    If I forgot something i will added.

    Oh yeah.. my jacket size is 54/56US size so that is bit a problem in those shops,,

    Until next time lads and happy touring
  2. Marco
    Good stuff - thanks for reporting & keeping us up to date.
  3. Hi Marco,
    Very interesting report.
    Did you get GPS coordinates for Stadium and the other small shops.
    If possible to post them here, may be useful for everyone.
    Thanks John
  4. Hi John

    Coordinates for those shops what visited

    Dynamic motors

    N 13Dec 45.660
    E 100Dec 30.359

    118 Bike shop

    N 13Dec 48.744
    E 100Dec 34.751

    32 Farmers Bike shop

    N 13Dec 41.192
    E 100Dec 39.012

    Stadium Bike SHop

    N 13Dec 48.283
    E 100Dec 36.996

    This Stadium is bit off as we took off with taxi and it moved a bit, but it should be accurate with in 50Meters or so...
  5. Far as I rememer STADIUM is a good source for new Jap bike parts, they have all kinds of repair manuals and fiche, they order new original parts from Japan you might not or only get used over here. Eeeexpensive, though!
  6. Marco,
    Thanks for taking the trouble to post the co-ordinates. Useful for us sat nav equipped guys.
  7. No worried John

    Tomorrow starting 9am toward to Phuket,,service was guite intensive and thorugh 37000 big ones....was lot of wrong on final drive and got all new rubber under....

    Well now should able to go next 20K for next service....

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