BKK HaveI found a new big bike showroom?

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  1. Merry Xmas all.

    Whilst a passenger in a car a few days ago I passed a big-windowed showroom with some big bikes in (no sign). Couldn't stop so can't offer more. However I did turn on my GPS. It is on the "unnamed" road that is a continuation of the Taksin Bridge which joins the outer ring road.
    It is passed the turn off to Nontaburi but before the outer ring road on the south side of the road, left leaving BKK. It is after the road construction and before 13.72901, 100.53264. I figure about 600-800m given GPS aquisition time.
    If I can I will explore more.

    NSR Mike
  2. I think they specialise in BMW and sell other bikes as well is run by some nice Thai guys I met in Chiangmai but I cant remember the name of shop.

  3. Anyone good at Excell spreadsheets or a formula to convert decimal GPS co-ordinates to Hours/Minutes/Seconds. I always use the h/m/s and only manage to do a rough conversion when I get decimal co-ordinates.

    I am sure "some bright spark" out there has worked out an easy formula


  4. T.J.

    Multiply the decimal degrees (D.D) by 60 and you get minutes (D M.M). Multiply again the decimal minutes by 60 and you get seconds (D M S.S).

    So 13.72901 will be come 13 43.7406 (degrees minutes.minutes) by multiplying .72901 with 60 and the degrees-minutes will become 13 43 44.436 (degrees minutes seconds.seconds) by multiplying .7406 with 60.

    From D M S divide by 60 in a similar way.

    Hope that this helps.


  5. Jeezus! I have enough trouble counting how many beers I have drunk! That stuff sounds like university level maths!

    T.J - what the hell do you want to pump that kind of stuff into Excel for?

    BTW, good to meet you the other week and Happy New Year!


  6. Auke many thanks for the formulae, geeze it would have taken me years to work it out as not that good trying to work out what figures I should be using.

    Pikey, the reason for Excell is I have 632 pages of Thai villages with GPS locations in decimal, so would like to convert to H/M/S.

    Cheers for the invite to meet you guys when I arrived, I am currently with the in laws in Udon, have booked back in the guest house behind the Kafe on the 5th Jan so can meet for a beer when I return. Another guy Rob Thompson, lives 10 miles from you so you may get an email from him, he also arrives CMX on the 5th so have arranged to meet up with him that nite, not sure how long the drive is from Udon to CMX

    Happy New YEAR TO ALL THE GUYS UP THERE, seems I will be doing Karoke with the neighbours here



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