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  1. there will be a nr of x-road 250 available by May i been told ....not sure if this is a limited nr or not...time will tell.
  2. Any mention if they will be selling the Z1000?
  3. actually i would think they will sell the z1000 , but this my own speculation. Today was not an officially open day,so they were still busy building up and some areas unattended ,but i am sure they will mention on 25th onwards what will be available.
  4. Mbox999 Thanks for your effort and the great photo's.

    Cheers Ken F
  5. Thanks for posting those pics! I couldn't go but now I've seen what's exhibited there. I had to laugh at the Yamaha Chaly 50 and the Suzuki Van Van - it was like walking down memory lane seeing bikes from the 70s! Seems like the 123cc Van Van was reintroduced in 2003.
    I'd be interested in the Suzuki DRZ 125, I have been looking for a full-size 125 city hopper for years. Is this Suzuki bigger than the 14" wheeled Kawasaki 125?
    It's about time for Suzuki and Yamaha to come up with something in the smaller displacement category; Kawasaki is selling 250cc dirt and sport bikes and Honda's CBR250 is selling faster than they can assemble them.
    But I was shocked when I saw the last car pictures - the Jaguar Mk IV from the early sixties has always been one the most beautiful cars in my eyes. Who built this funny-looking aberration? Maybe it's the camera angle (did you use a fish-eye?) but this car looks hideous! I hope some unknown chinese company made it and I will never see it!!!
  6. Hi KZ, i felt the same ...a bit of a flashback into the past :)

    I did no side by side comparing between the DRZ 125 and the Kawasaki 125 ....maybe someone else on the board will have a look for that.
    the funny looking car It is from mitsuoka ...it looks quite a strange car...i guess that why i made the picture:)
    No fish-eye lens used:)


    i just found more info about this Mitsuoka Car...it is called Mitsuoka Viewt and here some article on Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitsuoka_Viewt
  7. So this insult to Jaguar is a Nissan March changed around by Mitsuoka. No respect, these guys!

    I wonder why Suzuki showed the Gladius, the Van Van, the Chaly and the DRZ125 - do they have any plans to bring them here?
  8. I think the DR125 may come , but i believe the VanVan will come...that was hearsay and you probably know more from today onwards when the official opening of the Bikeshow is .
  9. The DR125 is interesting, looks like it has 17" wheels and room for 2. But it would probably be around 90,000 Baht, a bit more than the Kawasaki 125 Micky-Mouse Tracker.
    The CBR250 is not much more and you get a watercooled 250.
    I'm still dreaming of a Kawasaki supermoto with a 250cc twin from the Ninja for 150,000 Baht!
  10. Thanks for the pics, no time this time to go.
    Too bad that they show many cars & bikes that are never going to be sold here.
    I like the VanVan, should be 400cc then it would be great.

    Chang Noi
  11. Chang Noi...you are right too many times we see bikes on shows that aren't available in thailand...but slowly we are getting more bikes available here. Compared to 5 years ago it went pretty much forward , i'd say . But before we were able to ride around on invoiced bikes...today that is to be avoided .

  12. I didn't think the Motorshow was as Big or as Good as Previous Years, Less Exhibitors and Accessories etc as well! Smaller all round unless I missed somethings??? To answer some of the questions asked above:
    The Suzuki DRZ 125 is the same size as the D-Tracker 125. The Kawasaki Z1000 is for Sale here at 590.000 Baht. It replaces the New ZX10 on the Thai Market as that will not be Sold here?
  13. Actually you are right, but while i was there at Impact i really did not notice ...how did i notice? I went through the pics from the prior year at bitec...and yes the bitec motorshow was quite a bit larger .


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