BKK or Pattaya to Hua Hin area is it a good ride?

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  1. I am interested in going to hua hin general area, and wonder if it would be worthwhile riding from BKK or Pattaya? My helmet and bike gear is in chiang mai, so I would need to get it somehow as I fly into BKK from Australia.

    The road looks mostly freeway. Would I be able to navigate side roads much of the way with a decent gps? Are the side roads much good in this area? Would I be better off just getting a bus there and hiring a small scooter there to look around?
  2. My two satang- getting through Bangkok is a chore and unless you loop way out to Kanchanaburi it's a shockingly boring ride.
  3. H Simpson, just my 5 Satang of opinion: Pattaya to Hua Hin I would avoid like the pest, have someone ship your bike & gear somewhere to western or southern Bangkok and you take it from there via Nakhon Pathom, then to Ratchaburi (Dumnoern with the real original Floating Market) and then down South in direction of Petchaburi on the Asian Highway this is one of the most boring rides in LOS until you reach Petchaburi I think I can remember this route is the #34. Then it tends to get a little more green and hilly. What bike do you ride anyway ?
    BKK to Nakhon Pathom is also quite boring but not as clogged as BKK Rama 2 road and the continuing southern HW just follow HW #4.
    Once near Cha-AM/HuaHin it gets interesting as Kaeng Krachan N.P. is not far away and a marvel in itself. Have a nice ride ! Rgds, Franz
  4. Personally, I would avoid it like the plague unless you like riding on boring straight roads with heavy traffic. If all you want to do is just to explore the area, I would suggest renting a scooter or something.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I usually hire a Versys when I'm in Thailand. I would love to explore the area around Cha-Am, Hua Hin and further south but would prefer on a decent bike like a versys or CB500x.

    I agree riding a bike from BKK is madness, I was thinking of trying to start about an hour of two from BKK to hopefully miss that part.

    Once you get to Cha-Am what is the riding like? Perhaps I would need a bit more time to sort things out. Such a shame I can't just hire a bike at Hua Hin.
  6. Hi H,
    Ride up to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok, then head south on the 3209 /3313 thru to CHOM BUNG you can then ride thru to THA YANG and cross over to CHA AM or follow the back roads south to Hai Hin, as Franz mentioned, a visit to Kaeng Krachan national park and dam is worth a deviation.
    It takes an extra half hour or so than going down the expressway but well worth it.
  7. Bangkok to HHin is boring and heck! even to Chumphon is boring unless you are prep to take & detour & uturn on all those really small roads hugging the coastline...The Route 4 is one of the most boring ever route in LOS...it gets a lot more interesting with R401, then 408 after Nathon Si Thammarat where you can hug the coastal route to Songkla.

    this also explains why many Malaysians, on late Oct/Nov/Dec run, prefer to load their bikes up on train/lorry for a 1way north to either BanPong or Nakhon Pathom...and then ride back after the raining/monsoon season...

    Good luck and keep the shining side up :)

  8. I have done that ride and it's best to avoid if possible ,I think you can hire bikes near hui hin but I haven't done it .
    I did post about it and got replies with a phone no
    Safe riding
  9. I rode BKK-Chumphon-BKK last week. Only decent scenery was on a detour through the Khao Sam Roi Yord National Park.
  10. Why not fly into Phuket instead and hire a bike to ride to BKK and back. There are some fine things to see,
    but the worst part is Hua Hin to BKK to Pattaya.

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