BKK Tour Guide?

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  1. I am out of work at the moment, so my plans are still a bit up in the air, necessarily fluid depending on job interviews etc (four mouths to feed means I can't be out of work too long), but I hope to arrive in BKK on Tuesday night, and staying Wed & Thurs.

    Normally when I am in Thailand I have at least one or two mates in town at the same time, but this time there are none. The Aussies are all busy working, and the Aussies living in the middle east or just went back to the desert...

    If there are any BKK residents that would be interested in getting together let me know... I know my way around the 'nightlife scene' but would really like to see something else... like Muay Thai at Lumpini or something... it is always more fun if you aren't on your own...

    Drop me a PM if you are interested in catching up...

  2. I guess there are no GT-Rider in BKK, or it being a work night no one is interested in going out.

    Oh well, I should be able to keep myself occupied [:)]

  3. Thaisuperbike get together 8.00pm every Tuesday at Gulivers Sukhumvit Soi 5?
  4. unfortunately, my flight gets in VERY close to closing time on Tuesday...

    Thanks anyway tho...


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