Black 2011 Versys For Sale ฿214,900

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  1. Dolby

    Dolby Member

    New EK chain and at stock sprockets at 24 k kilos, also fork oil replaced 25 K kilos. Lowered 30 mm Hyperpro shock & spring. (still have the stock shock spring) Seat is cut a bit lower also. Good for shorter legs. It also good if you are taller, I'm 185 cm (6'1") and have 86 cm (34")inseam, and I am very comfortable with this setup. I like it so much I am going to change my other Versys to the same setup (I own a 2010 in Canada).
    SW Motech engine guards, 1st class insurance until Jan 2015. Selling due to job change at home, will not be returning to Thai, for 2 or 3 years. Bike is in Roi Et, registered In Udon. I am second owner, it has been regularly serviced at Udon Kawasaki.
    Plugs, oil & filter, changed brakes flushed, and bike all checked at Udon Kawi on Mar 17 @ 29200 K
    I am in Canada now, I can call you if you send msg with phone number and good time to call, easier for me to call you. The MC is at my girl friends house, and can be viewed anytime. Yes it has a windscreen and it is on the bike now, but not in the pics. I prefer it off, cleaner airflow and cooler :)
    For some reason this bike uses less fuel (4.6 L/100K) than my Versys in Canada (5.1 L/100K) average for about 75









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  3. Dolby

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    well I guess I won't be posting pics, when I go to insert an image it asks for a url, do I have to upload them to another site then link to them ???? I am kinda used to just uploading straight from my computer to the site I am on
  4. TonyBKK

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    ^ Yep, just copy and paste them over from facebook, photobucket or any of the other photo hosting sites. :)
  5. Dolby

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    Thanks Tony, took me a while, I have been in transit.
  6. rudeboy

    rudeboy Active Member

    pm sent about a week ago but no reply, is this bike still for sale?
  7. Dolby

    Dolby Member

    I thought I would get email notifications if anyone emailed or messaged me, but no :?.
    Yes it is still for sale, no problem with transfer, it is in my TGF's name, she can sign the papers.
  8. salsa

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    Interested do you have an e mail to contact?
  9. Dolby

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